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03-26-2014, 09:39 AM
Good afternoon everybody,
my name is Sara and I am an archaeologist and a pilgrim. Yes, a pilgrim, like the Middle Ages ones. On May, 15th I will start walking from Milan (in Italy, where I was borned) to Santiago de Compostela and Finisterre. I will be around for about 100 days and I will walk something like 2300 km. I'm writing a blog: Sara Zzz | Life is too big to walk i alone! (http://sarazanni.wordpress.com) (actually it is only in Italian, but I'm considering to move it to a payed service and translate it in English and French), where you can follow my travel. This is not a sponsored project: this is just a travel I want to make and from which I will write a guide for Italian pilgrims. That's the reason why the request I'm making is marked as UNPAID, anyway, if I shall use in the future the map I'm going to ask you for the guide (if any editor will publish my guide!) I will, of course, pay your work back.
Now, the map. I'd like a medieval style map of the Way I will follow, in a comic-gaming style, including Western Europe (Spain, France, Northern Italy and maybe the Southern part of England). Something like the one you can see here: http://sarazanni.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/100giorni1.png (which I've modified myself).
You can also have a more clear look at the itinerary I will follow in this image: http://sarazanni.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/percorso_snap.png

I'd like to have some icons for the major places:

Santiago de Compostela

Another thing that is important for me is to see the mountains: the Alps and the Pyrenees more than the others.

In my map I also put the labels of some minor but important places I will walk through: you can read them in blue. I'd like them to be present also in the map if it will possible and good for the artist. On my map, you can also see many other roads traced: it will be up to you to trace them and it is not necessary to include the other place labels.

I would also like to have some characters around, if it pleases you: one or two pilgrims wold be enough or a ship/fish in the sea, as you prefer and like. And, of course, the shell, which is the symbol of pilgrim going to Santiago (I mean this kind of shell (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Tt7safNy5II/ThNXmxj_FrI/AAAAAAAAGFQ/IR6CiLZCUO0/s400/Concha%20de%20peregrino%20o%20vieira.jpg)).

I mean to put the map you will create on my blog and I will be happy to include a link to the artist's website (of course you shall feel free to sign your work in a visible way) and to recommend his/her work. I will also make a t-shirt or a hat with the printed image that I will wear along my travel and, as I said before, if I will manage publishing a guide or a diary and to use the map ad book cover, I will be happy to pay for the credits.

Thanks a lot for the help you will give me. Please, feel free to contact me here or at my personal e-mail: sara.pellegrina_at_gmail.com (sara.pellegrina@gmail.com)