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04-03-2014, 01:39 PM

Since the last re-map was fun I decided to try another.


So I found a map that I wanted to re-make (above) and set out to reproduce it but with different textures and colors.

Step 1: Outline Everything


I outline things in layers. There's the outline of the main stone body, the outline of the coast, the boulders, the stones, the pillars, the ledges, etc. It makes life SO much easier when you're wanting to add shading in later.

Step 5: Post to Cartographer's Guild and get feedback.


What? You wanted a tutorial?

Ok - here's a small one.

The boulders and stones on the map were easy one I figured out a small trick.

1. Outline the boulders (as a separate layer).
2. Select, grow, fill to make a solid version of them as a second layer.
3. then flip the color to white
4. soft-light the layer
5. Add a drop shadow of that layer (but use black as the color).
6. Move the drop shadow layer on top of the white layer.
7. Grab your 'move' tool and move the shadows around until they are 'within' the outline rather than offset.


Now I still need to blur the outlines to soften them up but this is the 'Work in Progress' part. This is just a map that I've been toying with this morning before I head to class.

Comments welcome.


04-04-2014, 12:45 AM

Updated with more detail in the background, the water and shadows.

I'm liking the effect with multiple 'soft-light' layers used to provide the faint hint of texture to the stone (within the caves) or the stone of the walls.

Comments Welcome