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Volund Starfire
04-10-2014, 08:23 PM
Greetings and slow mutations!

My name is Jason and I am in the middle of a project the size of a planet with a smaller planet inside of it. Literally! Iím building a hollow world for a fantasy role-playing game and novel series that I am creating. After several google searches, a couple of misguided attempts at going it alone, and a broken ruler, I found the Cartographers Guild.

Let me tell you about my project. It is called Other World. That is a working title. Itís similar to Earth, but contains a more primordial land within the hollow center. It is similar to Mystara from the Original D&D campaign guides. My game and book series, though, is world-spanning and is more of a culmination of all those OD&D guides built into one.

Donít think that Iím just going to plagiarize the Mystara map, because that couldnít be further from the truth. In fact, I plan to make an entire planet fresh from an old drawing I have (inside and out). Not just an entire planet, but a detailed entire planet the size of the Earth (give or take). Iím hoping to detail it down to the League (3 miles) per 1 inch hex. Oh, and donít worry, the entire thing will be cut down into an icosahedron (cutting the sphere of the planet into twenty triangular parts for the inside and outside with the far northern and southern 5 on each being cut off for the curve to connect the two.

If anyone can suggest a good program for me to make out the detailed maps, hopefully with an overlay so I can make geo-political markings and lines, I would be grateful. As high detailed as possible. I donít need to do individual cities, but do want them pinpointed on the map. Later, Iíll be detailing the larger cities, primary locations, and dungeons.

Any suggestions?

04-10-2014, 09:02 PM
Howdy, welcome to the guild. Not sure what art style you are aiming for, that has a lot to do with what sort of program you are looking for. Might check through the tutorial section just to see the finished results possible with different programs.

04-10-2014, 09:17 PM
Welcome to the Guild Volund Starfire! Sounds like a major project! I know a lot of people really like using Fractal Terrains (https://secure.profantasy.com/products/ft.asp) for world maps. I've not used the program myself and don't know whether or not it will allow you to create custom land formations or whether it will generate these randomly. I have worked with GIMP and Wilbur extensively and have used them to create world maps in a more photorealistic style. If this is of interest to you you may want to check out my Eriond tutorial in my sig. There are heaps of other tutorials here as well depending on the style of mapping you are interested in. It may be worth your time to spend a few hour searching through the Tutorials section to see what you can find.