View Full Version : Hand drawn mountains and relief attempt

04-30-2014, 08:58 PM
Hello there, this map is a test on techniques based on various tutorials (rpgmaker tutorial on mountains is really usefull for basics on mountain drawing, thx for the knowledge sharing).
That's my first try in 3/4 view with a tablet pen and what i can say is that its quite a different approach than my usual top down view maps for sure! I focused on mountains and shading of rivers, other elements are classic ressources found on the forum. Instead of using brush for mountains i tried to draw them one by one, not so time consuming finaly but as a first attempt i'm sure that is full of mistakes and i hope a few feedback for improvement;)

05-01-2014, 01:41 PM
Nice, especially for a first try! My only critique is that the tributary that flows in through the mountains on the right appears to be going over a mountain pass, which isn't natural. I really like the different icons for the different places, even if you did get them from guild resources.

The mountains have good variation and definition. I'm not at all experienced with the isometric approach, so I'll let someone else make suggestions there.

05-03-2014, 02:24 PM
Thanks for the feedack Coriolis;)
Here is another attempt in hand drawn 3/4 view map, this time i draw all the elements. I'm not very proud of the result, can't tell what's wrong but i can feel it's not really working. On the other way trying a different approach of cartography was really a good way to learn new techniques. What you can do with just some withe and black soft touch to represent hills, mountains ect is very stimulating by the freedom sensation it gives, the only limit is your imagination and your drawing skills (mine are poor) and not the usual limits of a bevell effect.