View Full Version : Help with a map for charity?

05-14-2014, 05:25 AM

I organise a charity in my spare-time, where we walk & drink, and raise 5-figures for our local hospice annually. Apparently we need a "hand-drawn" map this year, of the route, and since I'm the only person that does anything... well...

I'm an Open-Source enthusiast. I run the whole charity open-source & unpaid. I think I'm pretty good with GIMP. And I've become a great web-dev. But I'm no cartographer.

After a quick google, I found your tutorials, and I thought I'd register and say HI, while I spent the morning pouring through them.

I don't know if this community does requests, but if anyone would be to help me out, I can tell you all about the good work that we do, and return the favour via web-dev, or a donation to the website, or even advertising a service to our many users.

It's a small (13-mile) circular countryside/towns map, which I have mapped-out in Google Earth, and there's a video of this on Youtube.


Ps. I would share links showing you all the charity, but I thought I'd ask permission first. Don't want to be seen as a spammer