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Mark Oliva
05-15-2014, 01:19 AM

Cartographic relevance: The Jrgar campaign setting includes FM8 maps and CC3/CA3 NPC portraits that can be downloaded free and edited as wished, including for custom use in other campaigns.

The announcement:

For both Dungeons Daring (TM) and OGL 3.5 campaigns. The latter includes Pathfinder (R), Dungeons & Dragons (R) 3.5 and, to a certain extent 13th Age (TM) campaigns:

We've released the free Jrgar Players Guide in separate versions for the Dungeons Daring 4.0 and OGL 3.5 games. Both are available for free download from our download site.

The Dungeons Daring version is a 34-page bookmarked PDF (8.8 MB).

The OGL 3.5 Version is a 192-page bookmarked PDF (27 MB).

The Dungeons Daring version is smaller because the information such as new character classes, new spells, etc., already is included in the Dungeons Daring Players Guide.

Also available is a 143-page Open Source Reference Document (3.2 MB) that contains the texts for both game systems in the editable ODT format of OpenOffice.org Writer and LibreOffice.org Writer. This version also can be used with modern versions of Microsoft Word.

All three products are released under the Open Game License 1.0a.

For more information, go to:

http://www.vintyri.org and check the Jrgar option.

The Vintyri (TM) Project is a non-commercial operation. We sell nothing. We neither solicit nor accept donations. We do no kickstarters. All of our products are free.