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05-27-2014, 06:25 PM
Hello everyone!

I've come here today seeking, a Cartographer.
I don't have any map skills or drawing ability of my own, and I honestly don't respond.

But ,please here me out.

I am currently running an online tabletop RPG, based around the Pokemon Franchise, but set in another universe/dimension,called Ikyou. It's flavor is 'East Asian Fantasy with magictech'.

I've covered all the cities with the climate zones, so its kind a 'basic' job, it doesn't need anything spectacular and you even use the original map done for me by somone else, as a rough' guideline (though I'd prefer this new map to be much larger in scale and size,please.

Let your artist imagination flow, as there are tones of blank spots essentially so fill it with mountains, and open plains, and more zones I have only a few place names worked out.

The only one I've talked about in the history so far is :
Mount Hira, where Lake Karmol meets the open plains, of Tyza. <- That is the one peice of Geography
Along with the Capitol city: Looking Glass/Shining Mirror on a floating isle (which is constantly moving).

I also need to plunk down 18 Elemental Shrines, which correspond to the 18 pokemon Types, but exactly where perhaps it need not be on the map. ( or perhaps a second map may be nessacery so we do not crowd the map of the cities and town.

If you'd like to contact me: spiritsongtress {at} gmailDOTcom.
In the Spoiler is all different cities and regions & their zones.

Tropical Reigions
* Green Sea: A Rain forest town, set deep in the jungle.
* Courthollow:
* Drake Harbor : A Sea-harbor in the Tropical regions

* Greystone: The first place visitors, or newcomers to Ikyou come to, affectionately called Fever city (for the experience the leyline fever)

* Looking Glass/Shinning Mirror:The Largest city in Ikyou, often spoke of as the 'Captiol' of Ikyou as its the most 'modern' city. The seat of Imperial Power, The Court of the Emperor, The City of the Heavens. - On a floating Isle.

* Blackleaf: A city know for its tea growers, and the specific BlackLeaf herb, said to prolong life.

* Brightwick: A town in the middle of a Temperate Forest.
* Ironvale:Iron works, and forging, mostly a Samurai 'town' but its also begun to attract people wishing to train and learn swordmanship.

* Light River: 6 rivers spring from the mountains and this town sits in the middle of the a 'lake', formed in one of the areas of convergence.

* Redmarble
ARID Regions: Desert, Sun, Scrub-Plains
* Golden Sands : A Low desert oasis town.
* Shadowsands : The desert city, a city of glassmakers traditionally, with all the sand.
* Stonewall: A Stone surrounded town in the middle of the High Desert.
*WaterBush: An Oasis town, marked by the fact that it is a subteranean town, in the rocks, fed by deep under ground rivers and pools.


* Wildeport: A portside city, known for its particular seafood, which uses only local herbs to impart flavor to its dishes.

* Wintermoor Lighthouse: A light just off the mainland, used to guide Island's ships to safe harbors.

RoseCliff: A Town and its surroundnding environs that are right by coast, a sheer cliff is the main feature, though ther are secret 'caves', and a cove from which boats launch.
Islands & Unusual Areas

* Manafold Spires: It's not a town persay, it an area of ancient power, legends tell of the Storm Barrier actually having come from the manas pires. There is a small town bearing its name, though its more of a collection of Shrines and worship places.

* Spellkeep Island: No human access, and seems to be protect by a guardian force.

* Shimmering Island

* Frozenwood : An alpine mountaneous region that gets snow much of the year, and cold weather pokemon tend to gather. Ice pokemon are essential for survival, and given preferential treatment. Heat and Flame are important, and the use of crystals to create 'gardens' for food in the deep winters, and in the brief spring/summer season is the only way to survive.

05-30-2014, 02:55 PM
What do you think of something like this ?

05-31-2014, 05:46 PM
That's wonder Azelor, are you thinking of jumping on board?

I think I have something a bit specific in some areas, but most of its 'blank'. But that is looking good. I know there are are 2 specific places that need to be 'islands/contients'.

Greystone (which is also called 'Fever Town'), and is the starting point for all Outsiders (its a 'big' island, a few different areas, but is close to a peninsula.

And then floating Capitol City of Looking Glass/Shining Mirror -- (its literally a floating sky island, just off the 'coast'.
But that map is a great... one!

But yeah that is a great example. Highways and walls, all of its neat.

06-02-2014, 11:29 AM
could you provide a rough sketch of the map. It will help me visualize.

I'm not sure I have the time to do it. Do you have any deadline?

06-02-2014, 12:07 PM
No no deadline. Its just for a personal project /world. So you could take as much time as you wanted and it takes us to get the look right