View Full Version : [Unpaid] World Map for Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting.

05-31-2014, 09:34 PM

I'm interested in having a map for my Dungeons and Dragons campaign world and I was hoping that one of you fine chaps would be willing. I've included a rough map with a few notes. I did not cover everything however because there was no room on the map.


Besides what I noted there are a few other things.

1)You can put a few rivers anywhere you like on the main continent. On the smaller islands they only need maybe one. Make sure that they have branches and stuff.

2) The green outlines are the edges of the forests. And only pine forests please :)

3) A directional compass in the lower left hand corner. Right underneath the compass I would like a scale. 300 miles being the max on the scale.

4) The oceans can extend a good distance farther then what it shows on the map.

5) No names or towns/cities.

6) On the white spots on the map that do not have a forest please denote that they are plains.

7) I forgot it on the map but there should be two swamps along the southern coast. One near the left hand side and one near the center of the coast. Both swamps are on the large continent.

8)I'm sorry if these notes sound like demands. I really don't mean them to sound like it.

9)One last thing, in terms of the map in general, I'd really like a crusty old parchment look to it with a color like sepia. Think Tolkien or the maps that you might have seen of Westros.

you can contact me at jpoliver@suddenlink.net

I did not say it anywhere else so, please could someone create this map? I would greatly, greatly appreciate it.

If I have missed anything in the post please tell me. If you have a question about the map please email me.

thanks again!


Under no circumstance will the map be sold. Ownership and rights belong to the creator of the map. The map will only be used for
home use.

Edit: I should have been more specific about the scale. The scale is 300 miles to the inch. A rather small continent! :)

Edit 2: I am under no time restraint. The image does need to be rather large. I'd have to say about 6000 x 4763 pixels is large enough for me.