View Full Version : The Five Big Islands of the Himai Archipelago

06-05-2014, 07:05 PM

These are the five big Islands of the Himai (He-may) Archipelago. This is my first map and I'm kinda proud of it. Sorta. In a embarrassed kind of way. This is for the fantasy story I'm currently working on by the way. And this is handdrawn because I have nothing better to do in my English Class... ;)

The Islands are mixture of cold, high plateaus and dense, warm and muggy rainforest jungles. Neither of which I know the symbols for.

ANYWAY! I have GIMP and I'm attempting to color it in, but it still really looks flat. So, this might be as far as I get with it.

Edit 6/8/14: So, I have a question. How does one document plateaus and rainforest jungle on a map like the horrible one above? I tried it with the mountain symbol and then I was just going to color it in brown and green, but I really really want to make this something my readers can look at and understand that the Islands are a mixture of high cold plateau and thick muggy rainforest. Any advice, tips, tricks, or critiques are welcome and I actually encourage you. Pretty please?