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06-05-2014, 07:28 PM
Some background for this WIP.

A while back, around the time that the playtest for the next d&d was being made available, I was fretting over how i was going to propose to my GF. I needed a time and place that was uniquely "us" and so I settled on working it into our weekly game night. She was DMing our sunday night games at the time, and so I had to convince her to pass the reins to me for an evening so i could "run a playtest of the NEW d&d". I wrote our story up to that point into a simple adventure for some 1st levels. Her Ex became an ogre, my ex was the lord of a small village. I became the damsel that her paladin character rescues, and the engagement ring (a ring of healing) saves her characters life after the big battle. My group had no idea what I was planning and so it was a suprise to everyone when I proposed. (she said yes, btw)

Since this wasn't meant to be more than just a 1-off adventure, I only had a very small area mapped out in my head for the area they would be in. As it turned out, my group fell in love with the playtest and with the adventure I had run and so we decided to keep going with the adventure. I needed to quickly get the area mapped out as the adventure progressed and so I started using Hexographer to rough out some map locations. I really like the program for how quick and easy it is to play with map elements and to grow a map as it is needed for a game. Now that I have a decent sized map though, I think i'd like to redraw it into something a bit more polished.

a note about the names... i tend to wing a lot of my adventures, and while it gives me a lot of flexibility in where the story goes, it doesn't tend to lend itself to original and well thought out place names. One time, after someone pointed out that this was the 3rd "thirsty goblin" tavern they had drank at in as many towns I had to explain it away as a franchise and they were as common as starbucks. >.>

06-06-2014, 01:21 AM
Aww... that's sweet! And nice hexmap!