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C. Craig
06-08-2014, 11:35 AM
I'm wanting two simple maps, jpeg files, that can be read on a 5" X 8.25" page for my paperback and ebook books. Too much detail can't be read easily on a small page. One map is just a blow up of the peninsula, with more names on it, from the continental map. Cities need only be a dot, with capitals maybe a tiny star. Kingdom names slightly larger. The simple font should suggest Celtic or elfin, but be easily read. Old English is lovely, but it's difficult to read for example. I'd like a nicely defined coastline and decent mountains. Also, I'd like a compass thingy if possible. I do need them as soon as reasonably possible, as two people who preciously committed to do the maps, backed out after delays of months each. This will be my first self-publication and I have no hope of recovering the cost involved being an unknown. Also, I have outline files without names if they would be useful. If you would share your email address, I'll send you the map files as they now exist so you can determine what is needed and what you would charge.

Again, thank you for your interest.
My email address is Kiousfedra@AOL.com

C. Craig
06-15-2014, 11:50 AM
Thank you to The Cartographer Guild members that have shown an interest in assisting me with making my hand drawn maps more professional. Thank you Antonio Frade for your prompt attention to this project and your excellent maps that resulted.