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Maker of the Way
06-11-2014, 09:44 AM
Hey guys. I know I have other WIP's in this sub-forum, but I usually have 2 or 3 projects going at the same time so that if I become stumped or uninspired for a while on one piece, I can still work on other ideas.

This is basically a conglomeration of 3 other maps I had previously done. I wanted to make a durable, carry-along map I could use with my Privateer suit and settled on using a bamboo sushi roller. It shows the long distance route to the island (from the Mystic Island map), an overview of entire island (from the Graybeard Island map), and the burial site (from the Quadrangle map).

It looks quite basic and primitive due to the limitations afforded by the roller, but I think I was able to get the point across and make it a usable map. Still a few things left to get on it but here is where I'm at so far.

Any ideas or input?:)

Map on fellow cartographers.

06-11-2014, 09:50 AM
I'd say bamboo sushi map is a brilliant inspiration, and I'm no expert, but it looks good to me. I'm always really happy to see alternative sorts of maps showing up, nice work!


Maker of the Way
06-11-2014, 11:50 AM
I'd say bamboo sushi map is a brilliant inspiration, and I'm no expert, but it looks good to me. I'm always really happy to see alternative sorts of maps showing up, nice work!


Thank you much Meshon. I've gotten a bit further on this since that photo was taken so here is the progress as of today.
Believe me, I am not an expert either, but I do love maps. I wonder if, by not being an expert, it allows one to go a little crazy with map design ideas. LOL.
I too love alternative types of maps. As if the map were hastily scribbled onto whatever was available and hidden before the maker was taken into custody by some authoritarian figure.
Another idea I am percolating is a map drawn on a scrap of canvas fabric- as if done on a scrap of sail, cut from the sinking ship.
Thanks for the feedback.


06-11-2014, 12:29 PM
I think the Mapping Like a Monster challenge got people thinking in some different ways about what a map could be, but I hadn't thought really about the circumstances of a map's creation until I read what you just said. Cool ideas!

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06-11-2014, 01:22 PM
While I've never printed a map onto a sushi roller, I have created oriental themed maps with bamboo-like background in digital format only. One consideration is that old-style posters in feudal Japan glued paper to the surface of something similar to a sushi roller, so the image doesn't have to be printed on the bamboo fibers of the mat, rather printed to paper and glued to its surface and still be very authentic in how it was done in the past. So if I actually ever wanted to put a map on a sushi roller - I'd still print to paper and glue that paper to the roller, rather than trying to force an image to remain legible on a sushi roller itself.

Maker of the Way
06-11-2014, 02:02 PM
Thanks Meshon. The possibilities are endless when we look at maps in that light. The ideas just keep rolling. Stay tuned...LOL.

Should I be landing some of these ideas into the mapping challenge suggestions forum?

Gameprinter- this was actually hand drawn (as all my maps are) directly onto the bamboo roller. It was quite challenging to keep things legible, as it were, what with all the spaces between the sticks. I am currently obtaining a bamboo mat with flat sticks that should make the creation process easier. I have heard of the technique you mentioned about drawing the map on a sheet of thin paper and gluing it to the roller. I was considering it for this piece, but wanted to see what I could make it look like without that. I imagine I will be trying that idea out soon enough. Thanks for the tip.