View Full Version : Newbie on the port bow...searching for help with Mojoworld

06-17-2014, 02:11 PM
Hello forumfolk,

Obviously, I'm a newbie here. Let me intro a sec...

Disabled. Father of two special needs daughters. Loyal husband of 20 years. Working on first fantasy novel. Going to build world from ground up.

OK, that's about it with the intro.

I've used a buttload of programs from CC3 to ViewingDale (thank you Steve for all your help with it)... finally I found the one that seems to work best for me is Mojoworld.

But, all official channels for that software seem to have gone the way of the doo-doo...any ideas why?

Mainly, I'm trying to find any books/pdfs/etc that could give me pointers.

I'm trying right now to import a flat map onto the 3D globe. I'm close...so close to getting it to work.

Anywho, hope to make a couple friends here...or at least no new enemies :)