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---Project Taken---Thank You!!

Alubin is a world with many rulers, nations and empires. The riches of culture of these lands are vast and unending. Their are the only two kingdoms, Gijouk, and Havenwealth. Both are the smallest of all the nations, Gijouk only has a town and a village, and Havenwealth recently lost one of their only 4 villages having to sell it with all their debt. Than comes the Empire of Crotshia, a vast empire owning about 25% of Alubin, however their empress Victoria Rules with a iron fist, making her places bigger an her economy and people poorer, talk of rebellion is very high but in public you would be killed if said anything of the like. Than comes the Holy Republic of Mazu, the are located in Central Alubin, a small yet powerful nation of faith, following the religion of Mazu lead by His Holy Alexander Health. Alexander has a strong friendly reputation, he is kind, giving, and generous to his people and to all of the religion. Besides them to the east is The United Kingdoms of Alubin (UKA) also a very large nation in size compared to Crotshia, however with a strong pro-people government. They are said to have the most democracy-republic like government, their legislature which is the leading body, their is no president or prime minister just the 3 houses, The House of Yelwich, The House of Mane, and The House of Elders which acts as the executive branch. All elected from the 6 kingdoms of the United Kingdoms. Than finally their is the Frusian Empire which covers all or most of the northern part of Alubin. They have some of the best scientists and schools,a very educated prosperous empire lead by a Grand Consulate of Elders, recent desions show they may change from a Empire to a Republic

Nations of Alubin:
The Kingdom of Gijouk (Monarchy)
The Kingdom of Gavenhealth (Monarchy)
The Empire of Crotshia (Monarchy)
Holy Republic of Mazu (Theocracy)
The United Kingdoms of Alubin (Democracy)
The Frusian Empire (Democracy)

Nations from Biggest to Smallest:
The Frusian Empire (27%)
The Empire of Crotshia (26%)
The United Kingdoms of Alubin (20%)
Holy Republic of Mazu (15%)
The Kingdom of Gavenhealth (8%)
The Kingdom of Gijouk (4%)

The International Groups:
The Democratic Nations - (47%)
The Monarchist Nations - (38%)
The Religious Alliance - (25%) *
The Durtak Opposition Front - (8%)
The Quar Rebellion - (3%)

* 3 of the Kingdoms of the UK are apart of the RA making it 25%

Here is a lot of information about Alubin just pushed in one.

Here is what I would like, a World Map, no oceans, but lakes are wanted make sure each nation has at least 1. Their are 6 Nations, so this world map will be divided between them. Above it shows kinda a percentage of how much land they own of all of the world, please note it doesn't not have to be that percent, just near it. I Would like Crotshia looking like a China almost and holds a majority of the Western lands, bottom-west, extending up and having a border with The Frusian Empire, and others. If you could add some cities in it, villages, military forts, and the Capital is Crotsh, put it around the middle.

The 2 kingdoms are small and you can put them anywhere on the map, they are pretty much just some lands that have like 2 towns or villages, having them border Crotshia is a plus. In each of the Kingdoms make around 2-4 villages.

The United Kingdoms will be all Eastern, and will pretty much dominate the Eastern Part of the world, make it divided into 6 states (Kingdoms), but with a suddle line to make sure it still looks like all one country, with Villages, citties, and military forts. Their capital is near the border with Frusian Empire.

The Frusian Empire will be like a Northern Antarctica, Covering all of the North. With Citties, Villages, Military Forts

Finnally we have the Holy Republic of Mazu make them Central of the map with their Capital on a mountain around the center.

Above I listen to Oppostion groups, make a few small parts of the world be occupied by these rebels, mainly in Crotshia, like they would at-most control a town.

(The Villages, Forts, Cities are all ICONS, you don't need to draw them all out, just a little house to indicate a village and multiple for a city, you can decide, same with a military fort)
(On the Map Label all the countries, you may add mountains, rivers, landmarks, I would picture the United Kingdoms flat lands and Crotshia a more mountainous region, with The Empire of Frusian being icy)

Payment: $80 - $150


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PAYMENT is 100% now, it now all depends on Quality of how much money I will give, $15-100.

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an email or other similar form of contact would be nice.

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Forgot about that, coltonunden@yahoo.com

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Also one last update, this type of map, quality is really nice so something like this might be nice.


...International Council, which included the the top house of the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister of the Frusian Empire, herself, and the Mazuen High Priest from the Holy Republic of Mazu. All of them being the Head of States of their own governments. They meeted on a Bi-Monthly Basis, two times a month at the Holy Republic of Mazu Grand International Building which stands at the top of the central mountain along with the Cathedral and High Priest Mansion.

So the Central Mountain, or the mountain in the middle of Alubin in the Holy Republic will have some of the biggest landmarks and if you can mark them that would be great.

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Bump, it's been around 1 month since putting this up.

Will Bump once a month to make sure.

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Bumping the price will have have a more significant impact. After all, 100$ is not a lot for a good quality world map.

and saying 15 to 100 is very confusing. You can view the work of the artist so you already know the quality of their before they begin.

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I agree and notice now, I'll modify it to $80 - $150. Willing to bump up and make it more sense sorry about that