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06-29-2014, 03:51 AM
This is for a fantasy RPG video game. Points of interest will need to be on their own layer with transparent background so I can have their outlines highlight in a few possible colors when the user hovers over it and then selects it.

There will be about 20 points of interest on the map, including ruined towers, small villages, large cities, monster lairs etc. The map needs to be planned out with empty areas so more points can be added later.

It may be possible to simply draw the terrain and have the points of interest be done by a separate artist.

If it is not clear yet, we will need to work together to determine what will work best for the game. A traditional map like many of the commissions on this forum may be what ends up being used.

The continent is surrounded by water, it contains at least 3 different types of forest, a couple mountain ranges (one snow topped), a swamp, a large wasteland / marsh area, and some large swaths of grasslands and hilly areas.

This is very similar to what I want

Something like this is also an option:

I will be able to draw out a very rough sketch of exactly how the terrain is laid out but I give the artist full freedom to change the design.

I have a general idea of how much this will cost ($500+). Will be based on negotiations how much higher I increase budget to accommodate more detail and time spent.

contact: Since this is a new account, you will need to post a reply or email me directly at gmail using my username.

06-29-2014, 04:59 PM
I would be very interested in this. I just sent an email. :)