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06-29-2014, 06:20 PM

Iím in the process of writing a campaign for my friends, and I would love to be able to give them some kind of world map as reference. I, however, am terrible at any and all kind of drawing, and I have zero confidence that I could produce something decent. I stumbled across this site and I thought it would be pretty cool if someone here would be willing to put something together for me.

Iím looking for a planet-sized map with three major continents: Tamir, Kyralia, and Crotheny (if you recognize the names, itís because Iím terrible at naming and steal from various games and books). Iíve attached a rough (extremely rough) outline of how the continents should be positioned. As far as terrain goes, Iíve tried to indicate necessary features on the outline. There should be plains to the north of the main Tamir City, with mountains (The Rusalka Mountains) to the south leading down to a place called Beacon (also marked on the outline).

On Kyralia (the smallest continent), the main Kyralia City is a port city, so it should be along the west coast with another port slightly to the north. To the east of the city and the port, there should be a somewhat large forest (The Crimson Forest). It probably shouldnít take up the whole continent, but it should be a noteworthy size.

Finally, Crotheny should be the largest. In the northern portion, it should be snow/ice covered with mountains leading south to a more temperate region. These mountains should be taller and more treacherous than the mountains on Tamir. (Think Rocky Mountains compared to Appalachian, if youíre American).

Iíve noted a few cities that should be marked on the map as well. Other than where indicated, the terrain and maybe a few other smaller islands are open for interpretation. Some extra details would even be welcome, and might even give me some more ideas for plot devices and side quests.


This is for a D&D campaign, so a sort of Tolkein-esque map is probably best. Iím not too specific on this, so Iím open.

Quality & Size

This wonít really need super high quality printing capabilities, so it doesnít need to be huge. Since it wonít be published or anything, it wonít need a crazy amount of detail.


Iíd like to have this by the end of July. It looks like weíll be starting up this campaign late July/early August, so it would be nice if I had the map for our first session. Iíd be willing to pay a reasonable amount to speed it up if needed, most likely via Paypal since that will probably be the easiest way.

Contact Info

Since I havenít posted enough on here for DM-ing privileges, you can email me at elanderson12--at--gmail--dot--com.


07-14-2014, 03:09 PM
Hi scarletmuse12,

Don't know if this request is still untaken? If so, I'm interested in helping you out! The map itself interests me as it's pretty open to interpretation.

Please check out my DeviantArt portfolio linked in my signature and let me know if you want to talk about a commission.

You can email me at: cirias@live.co.uk