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07-02-2014, 08:42 PM
I'm requesting the services of a cartographer to create a city map for an RPG expansion module I'm writing.

This is the VERY basic outline of the map (and its description) taken from the original module:


91. Game Room (90’x90’x15’)
A blazing crystal globe suspended from the ceiling illuminates this circular chamber, revealing an amazing sight – the entire room is home to a miniature walled city!
The city is laid out in four wedge-shaped quadrants separated by wide avenues, all radiating outward from a beautiful palace in the center of the room. The palace, with spires reaching over 3 feet in height, is surrounded by walled gardens and courtyards. The city is encircled by a 15” (high) wall, leaving a five foot aisle between the wall of the chamber and the city itself. A clear glass dome, reaching upwards to a height of 10 feet, sits upon the wall enclosing the entire scene. Upon further examination, movement can be seen in the streets of this tiny city!

The city is built on a 1/36th scale (1”=3’), giving it roughly (70'x12"x3'=2520) a 2500’ outside diameter.

The city and its inhabitants are the focus of the expansion module. I'd like to have a greyscale map that could be centered on a standard 8.5"x11" sheet of paper as the inside front cover, with the legend available for attachment to the inside back cover--the end result being in the form of a stiff 'dust cover' map separate from the stapled module. The map should be 300 dpi, and will be used in a pdf and a (hopefully) full print run. I'm currently writing the background material, and have a number of locations chosen within the city to be expanded upon. I'd like to have a working map by September 1st, but this timeline isn't set in stone. I would like commercial/reproduction copyrights to the map, giving full credit to the cartographer for their work in the module.

The rough map shown below was drawn by a friend to help give me something to work from as a start.

I have 24 locations within the city that would be highlighted that can be discussed in greater detail should you contact me.

My budget for said map is $150-$200, paid promptly through PayPal, including three physical copies of the final product should it successfully fund on Kickstarter. Please contact me at aesop35 -at- hotmail for further discussion if you are interested.

Thank you for your time,


07-09-2014, 06:00 PM
The map commission has been taken--my thanks to all of you who responded.