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07-04-2014, 11:31 AM

Unsurprisingly I'm a new member, and I'd really like a map designing for a learning game I'm putting together - (not for commercial u

Small English town. 1 inch per mile, or something?

Design Concept:
A birds eye view of a small town, with lots of narrow lanes for roads within and to exit the town. There needs to be a cluster of about 30-40 houses, schools, church, etc... a woodland area with rivers (maybe a lake?), plenty of farmhouses and farmland, and also a town centre with shops and the like.

The idea is that a big main road (to bypass the town) needs to be built through/over the town, and teams representing four organisations (Housing, Farming, Environmentalists, Shopkeepers) are to negotiate the best place for the big main road to go - so the areas above need to be relatively close together so the main road will cause disturbances to one or more of these groups.

Number of maps:
Just the one

Full color, A3 if possible (A4 is fine if not) printable resolution (doesn't need to be HD magic or anything)

Remains with cartographer.
Publisher retains right to reproduce the maps in the setting sourcebook and for promotional materials.

Two weeks? As soon as possible?

Sorry! The satisfaction of teaching negotiation? :lol:

Please email me if you have questions - I'm sure you do!

Please use subject line Training Map