View Full Version : [Unpaid] Map Request for tabletop RPG

07-08-2014, 10:48 PM
Hello, there! I would like to get a map drawn up. The rough draft and style in which I would like it done are attached below.

At the bare minimum I would like the map as it is with the text. No required addition of cities or anything like that.

If you, whoever you are that accepts this, would like to add in extra details though, I would like trees in the Forest of Thorns area, between Border River and Suse Castle. I would also like trees with a clearing in the center if possible at the Druid's Grove. Purple Spires where the Empyrean Spires are.

All of the Storm Isles are smaller islands connected by small strips of land. I apologize, I know it's hard to tell from the drawing, I did a poor job on that area.

Also, if it is possible, I would greatly appreciate having this sometime in the nest three to four weeks. As far as copyright and reproduction rights are concerned, I don't very much care. This is a map for use between myself and my friends, I'll not be doing anything to profit from it and do not mind if you do.

The draft I made is 750 x 750 pixels, so I believe it would look well enough remaining there. I'll leave that up to the cartographer however, as you are the person kind enough to assist me.

If payment would be required to get this map completed within the timeframe stated above (Three to four weeks) I am open to changing this to paid, but would prefer not to. You can email me at dartendal@gmail.com if you require any extra details or would like to talk with me about a price.

Please and thanks for your time!