View Full Version : [PAID] Barebones using "Artistic Regional RPG Map" style (I already have the outline)

09-05-2008, 01:06 AM

I am looking to have a map rendered from the original CC3 file into the "Artistic Regional RPG Map" style as per the tutorial by RobA.

I already have the finished CC3 map, and only need the landmasses, mountains, forests, seas and rivers done. I don't need any labeling, city shapes, roads, cartouches, names or boundries done.

I don't have a lot of money (and would be most appreciative if someone could do this for free) but I am willing to pay $50 USD via Paypal if someone can whip one out with the same sort of polish as the tutorial.

Attached is the 800 by 600 version, but the file I have available is a PNG file at 3736 pixels by 3000 pixels or the original CC3 file.

Please let me know by this thread or at dfox at planetreuse dot com if you would like to take on this project. Thanks in advance!


09-05-2008, 08:12 AM
Wow, Moniker, that's a very nice map. I would love to see the higher res version you have. Check the "Playing with Mountains" thread to see if you like my last post. If you like the mountains and the land (ignore the rivers and their funky color gradations, I was trying something and messed up and never got back to it.), I could do something for you as long as a tight timeframe is not a factor.

Of course, If your willing, I would just as soon have you try to translate this yourself using GIMP and give you some help in the the right directions along with the tutorial(which I followed and then adapted some techniques). It really is NOT that hard. I have little artistic talent, and created the map in that thread after only having GIMP for around 8 weeks of playing around.