View Full Version : Anyone Interested in Drawing Maps For A New DnD World?

09-12-2008, 03:53 PM
Hi everyone, I'm a n00b here. Sorry for just busting in like this. I was referred here by someone on the WOC forums.

I am beginning a new (as of yet unnamed) world. I have a lot of ideas as to the content, but I plain SUCK at mapping.

I actually have a draft world map that I made using the Map Maker on Civ III. It actually gave me a real nice random geography. I used PSP to add some borders which has helped me to develop some general ideas, but for now, what I need is:

1. I need it converted to a more DnD ready map (perhaps hex or grid and actually LESS detailed; plus I might want to add/change a couple things on the existing map)
2. Overland map. The world map could actually be used depending on the scale.
3. An city map for the city of Kelda basically just showing some of the local geography and marking a couple districts and some (actually quite a few) points of interest that I've already established.
(On that note, I could probably create 50 different adventures in Kelda alone, but I'm going to start much smaller than that lol)

I'll give more detail to those that are interested.

I've tried AutoRealm and CC2. They're both cool if I could figure them out, but they are both way too painful for me. PSP is impractical IMO.

So.... if anyone truly enjoys mapping and would like to play a large part in the creation of a world (without having to worry about coming up with the ideas yourself), let me know. I can't pay you, but I will certainly give you credit when the world gets done (mapping is by far the most difficult part for me).