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09-27-2008, 01:55 PM
The most bizzare thing happened to me while sleeping last night. I dreamed of a map. Some of you may dream maps, I usually don't, but I did last night. I am hoping that next month's challenge has something to do with a regional map, as I can implement ideas that were in my dream.

Of course dreams are pretty hazy, so I don't remember specific borders, coastline shapes, or city names, but there was a unique element in my dream map, that I'd like to try an implement in my next regional map. It was clear and unmistakeable - and something I could actually implement.

Without spoiling the idea - I will say, a graphic symbol that represents some Eldritch Evil or Cthulu-like cult and the center of evil in this region is the prominent feature on the map. This monsterous symbol gives indications on which outlying communities are controlled by it, which ones have been "destroyed" by it, which communities are in the process of being taken over, and one community that was successfully driving the threat off - probably the site where a band of heroes are from in the beginning of a possible campaign.

All the above is described without words - graphically only. But I know it will work. So hopefully the next challenge can accomodate my ideas.

Just had to mention it, I've nevered dreamed of a map before. I did last night, and I intend to implement what I perceived. I'm kind of excited about the idea. We'll see how it goes... :twisted:


PS: I didn't whether or not, I should post these thoughts, having just dreamed it - I had to let somebody know. Weird, huh?

09-27-2008, 02:21 PM
Cool - Get it down quick! :)

I've dreamed of viewing artwork before, and in my dream thinking that the work was pretty decent. When I woke, I couldn't remember what it was - or it was hazy- but I soon realized it was artwork I was meant to have created in my dream and if only I could remember it clearly I would have tried to replicate it. One of the things I find frustrating with my 'real' work is not being able to view it objectively and in the dream I could because I could see my finished work, rather than it from start to finish..

I have dreamt of other images and created artwork from them before - or rather it's inspired artwork. Also I had a nice experience the other day with my map for this month mapping challenge too. I had worked on my entry quite intensely that I was sick of it (Bunckleburry). I had finished it and after a few days, last week I was feeling a bit tired so I had a bit of a lie down.

After closing my eyes for a bit I saw my map in 3D and I was slowly floating down to it's surface as I headed towards the top of a hill looking out over the rest of my map. It was also only the confined area of the map so it was square with nothing beyond. Lasted for only a few seconds, but it was a nice experience all the same.

I think RobA's hex map had something to do with it subconciously too :)

09-28-2008, 04:54 AM
I've had some dreams that involved artwork, but most recently I dreamt that I was writing in my journal. I had the feeling these were very interesting thoughts I was writing down, but then I woke up and didn't remember any of them of course :P.

I'm curious to see how this map of yours will turn out GamerPrinter, it sounds interesting =)

09-28-2008, 08:33 AM
I certainly hope that you plan to show us the results regardless of whether or not it fits into next month's challenge. You're a talented artist, and when artists are this amped about a project, great things tend to happen.

Good luck to you.