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10-03-2008, 12:05 PM
The following was posted to the GM Mastery (http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/gmmastery/) yahoogroup. I thought it might be of interest here, as well.

OCTOBER 02, 2008

RPGLife.com and NBOS Software team up to bring the community a
special FREE version of their virtual table top software: Screen
Monkey. RPGLife.com which hosts over 3500 miniatures and 1400
background maps for SM has also added a player locator, game
scheduler, and it's own live game anouncment page.

"With this great tool are members can now easily and quickly play
online with miniatures, private chat, maps, sounds, and more." said
James Mathe owner of RPGLife.com. "Even better only the GM needs to
run the application, all the players use is their browser from any
computer anywhere in the world!".

"By bringing together a great RPG community site like RPGLife, and a
great online gaming tool, ScreenMonkey," says Ed from Nbos, "we hope
to offer gamers a means to meet new players, keep in touch with their
old friends, and to keep rolling the dice."

You can find out more about Screen Monkey here:

You can get the special FREE version of this software here:

You must register for an RPGLife.com account (which gets you free
PDFs to play with too) to make use of the appliaction and scheduler.

About RPGLife.com - http://www.RPGLife.com
RPGLife.com is owned and operated by Minion Development Corp. - The
same company who owns the RPGHost Network and who pioneered the RPG
PDF sales store RPGNow.com. They also operate an online store at
RPGShop.com , a gaming store in the Milwaukee, WI area called Game
Universe, and own the popular RPGSheets.com site.

About NBOS Software - http://www.nbos.com
NBOS Software is the maker of great mapping software for the RPG
industry such as Fractal Mapper and Astro Synthesis.

Steel General
10-03-2008, 03:12 PM
Interesting, thanks for posting.