View Full Version : Viking Longboat

11-03-2008, 02:56 PM
Just had to make a map with all of Kimmos great characters on it so needed a viking longship for Crazy Krull in the Thrubmorten marshes.

Heres the Color and Alpha - combine them for a transparent PNG if you like.

The boat was from a 3D object which I snagged from this site :-
"Viking Longboat Ancient ship boat Wonder" - 3d model ( http://artist-3d.com/free_3d_models/dnm/model_disp.php?uid=1120)

They also have more free models so check them out too. I had to color and shade it up.

One more catch is that the file I got was a zip file of a zip file of an OBJ model but once it opened the first zip it was labeled as a .obj which didnt import - so rename to .zip and unpack it a second time. Dont know why that was the case but I thought id point out that bit of weirdness.