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11-20-2008, 02:49 PM
http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/4562/promomainak6.th.png (http://img231.imageshack.us/my.php?image=promomainak6.png)http://img231.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif (http://g.imageshack.us/thpix.php)

Hi guys.
Still working on the new TERRAFORMER package for FT PRO.
Completion target date is around March or April 2009 (maybe before if
I can scrounge more puter time).

I thought I'de give you kids a list of some new stuff I'm gonna try
to stuff in:

#1, Climate Image Shaders expanded from 125 to 200 - all in more
compact jpeg format (these are almost finished!).

#2, More cloud maps (hopefully lots more)

#3, Special overlays such as eqautor markers in red, white, or green
color options.

#4, A "Shader Catalogue" showing the results of each shader in flat
map and "globe" perspectives, in .pdf format. This will allow users
to "shop" for the specific shader(s) that they want to use before
committing to use them for specific projects.

#5, An expanded User's Manual containing tutorials on both writing
their own custom .lgt files, and creating their own jpeg/.bmp climate
image shaders. It will also contain additional helpful tips and

#6, a "green seas" and perhaps a "bathymetric" .lgt file(s).

#7, The language of the User's Manual will be more refined and far
more simplified...

"I would also like to include a FAQ based on your questions and
critiques - which you can post on this thread. You can also contact me at the Profantasy Software Yahoo Mailing Group( http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/cc2-l/)(member name "zippycube123")...
Thank you - and keep on mapping with Fractal Terrains Pro!!!