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12-21-2008, 02:34 PM
This is the world map of my D&D "3.75" edition campaign world so far. The first one is the Western Hemisphere (easier to see as it isn't just pencil sketches), and the second is the Eastern Hemisphere (harder to tell what is what because it's all pencil drawing). The map is on 4 22" x 28" posterboard stapled to my wall (I like to work big), so they are photos of the map. I have thought of increasing the distance between the hemispheres by adding in some 8.5x11 sheets to increase the size of the ocean.

Anyway, here's a rundown of the countries by their numbers:
1. Khirshnakk (mostly forest, elves)
2. Korascha (cat people, many land features)
3. Terragohr (bear people)
4. Kaern (large swamps, lizardfolk)
5. Kimboti (like african savannah)
6. Virshnar (sea elves)
7. Arafen (horse/buffalo/deer people, similar to Great Plains)
8. Tanka Makoce (dog people, similar to Great Plains)
9. Shangris ("dead" country, no civilization, where "BBEG" lives)
10. Mashinkar
11. Neutrice (similar to mainland northern Europe)
12. Norgal (similar to Scandinavia)
13. Osallin (halfling country)
14. Salvinari (elves, swampy forests)
15. Zerai (panda people, big lake with large island)
16. Sulmar (elves, jungle forests)
17. Mistanel (drow, like the Amazon rainforest)
18. Bacansias (goblinoid country, "land of fire", volcanoes, river of lava, desert with flame jets)
19. Hanyar (desert to the east along the mountains)
20. Kanbar (dwarf country, mostly mountains)
21. Kithbar (dwarf country, similar to the Great Basin, Utah, upper Arizona)
22. Koristan (gnome country)
23. Vinsanithus (land of the dead, similar to Egypt, forest in north, desert in southwest)
24. Shadowlands (land of perpetual darkness, mostly desert with mountain range on the western border)

Western Hemisphere
Eastern Hemisphere

I am not that great at rendering mountains that look decent, nor really swamplands. Just thought I would show off my world map. Well, the latest incarnation of it. I have drawn probably 10 different maps in the last 8 years of this planet.

12-21-2008, 03:19 PM
Welcome to the guild, Xayrax! Much work to be done! Suggestions here are:
1. Make sure you have a clear idea of the style you want so you won't waste time having to go over bits again.
2. This is a huge undertaking - perhaps might be better if you started by mapping one region first to get to grips with what you want the main map's look and feel to be like.

Looking forward to seeing how you get on!

12-21-2008, 04:46 PM
Or, instead of doing just a region, start with a basic world map, and then do the regional maps in more detail. Keep the world map simple, and use that to make sure that you keep the rest of the maps consistent within the world's context