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The city of Galanar Pass is located at the southern mouth of the Galanar Pass. The pass is one of the easiest passes to cross in all of the Low Wall Mountains, and due to that fact, it is a major trading road from the northern Free States to the lands to the north.

About a mile north of the city is the Galanar Keep itself. It was built over 600 years ago to guard against raiders from Friesland. After the keep was built, a small town grew up where the city is now, to provide food and other supplies for the keep. The town quickly grew to its present size.

The city is a very strategically important city in the constant wars that ravage the Free States. In the last 300 years, the city has been besieged 6 times, but in all but one siege, the siege was resolved through diplomacy. The one time that diplomacy did not work, the city was besieged for two months, but a relief force arrived to break the siege.

The city is a fairly wealthy city, and has a rather large number of inns due to the high volume of travelers that come through the pass. There are also a couple of copper mines and one iron mine within a couple of miles of the city which further adds to its revenue.

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Here is an alternate version of the map. In this version I have done the buildings in different colors based upon what type of a building it is.

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Very nice work Landorl, I repped you for it. The alternate version is a nice extra!
As I said before the white housing had me a bit worried at first, but I have grown into it. Nice style. Oh, and I love your labeling.