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This is the map i made for my Eberron character. An Orc Barbarian. This is his hometown.

Oermog. Pop: 34

Northern Shadow Marshes, Khorvaire, Eberron.

The name Oermog comes from the Elder-Orc language and roughly translates to 'Mud square'.
Its people are very self-providing. Most of its people are part of the 'bear claw' tribe.

The chieftain is the Half-Orc Krogdush. Krogdush lives in the hut to the north of the southern watchtower.

Directly to the east of his house lives the druid Vraalo. Vraalo is human.

By now you probably have noticed that the tribe has no problem with different races. The tribe is very
open minded. But sometimes this leads to problems with other tribes.

The people do not go out much. They live and take care of themselves in peace for most of their days.
However, when they are in danger, they are more than capable to defend themselves.

Most of the people are women and children. The young men are on adventure to honor their tribe with
heroic deeds, and after their physical peak, they return to the village to settle with a woman.
The few men in the town are somewhat older (human age 40-70).

The women are gatherers, they gather fruit and nuts. They take care of the children and meals.
Most of the men are fishermen. The hunting season is short, but during the hunting season, they hunt intensively.

At the eastern watchtower, there is a smithy. The blacksmith's name is Groelarg. The Iron in these
marshes are dirty and full of rust. To be able to make something of this, you need a lot of skill, but of course
the results are not masterpieces. But Groelarg still gets a lot of respect because of his art.

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Looks like a great place for a few accidental atrocities to happen, while I scoop up the booty :)

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Beautiful! And it looks so cozy. :)

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Haha, excellent map. It reminds me of that one level from the original spyro the dragon. Great work.