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02-04-2009, 10:39 AM
Hi guys,

I registered a while ago but never really took part here. I intend to change that, and therefore I thought I'd quickly pop a "hello dudes and dudettes" post in.

My main hobby is world-building, something that I have been doing for many years, and map-making is a part of that hobby. I have recently begun to try and create more professional than just "random notes suitable for an RPG campaign", and practicing my drawing skills is part of that effort. I am still at the beginning of my "career" as a cartographer. I mostly use Inkscape, but am looking at other tools to compliment it.

I should probably mention that I am colorblind (not completely, but quite a limited in what I can perceive) because it will result in weird colors now and then; if you notice anything, please kindly point it out and I'll fix it.

I don't have much to show off yet, my first "real" attempt to create a "nice" map was a Barsoom-like planet. The first completed version was this:


And it mutated into an entirely unique planet, not based on Mars more than in spirit, where the current map is this:


I am currently working on a map for another world, called Thraeton, for which I am using Google Earth for visualization and it's quite interesting to see one's worlds as actual spheres.

Anyway. I'll talk more about that in the proper forums when I have some actual artwork to show. I'm looking forward to learning more about making pretty maps, and to talk to all of you on these forums.

- Nils

02-04-2009, 11:19 AM
Welcome Bart, have some reputation for posting some great maps. I especially like the second map. Really stylish.

Is there a specific reason why you are building your worlds? Like for gaming or because you are writing stories? Or do you do it just because its fun?

02-04-2009, 12:39 PM
Welcome, we had some threads about color perception. It turns out several here are color blind including Arcana the admin and its very common. I also like the dynamic color of the second map - I am just wondering if that was deliberate or not now. I don't think it would hinder you that much tho.

02-04-2009, 12:50 PM
I really like the look of the second map, the colors are very original and works good on a sf map.
I wonder a bit about the lines on the maps, are they roads or borders? They seem a bit strong too, maybe you can soften them a bit.

Steel General
02-04-2009, 01:15 PM
Welcome Aboard!

The second map is quite nice, I'm not usually one for bold colors like that but it works quite well - the color scheme is very complimentary.

joćo paulo
02-04-2009, 02:20 PM
Welcome guy.
Have some good work here.

02-04-2009, 05:29 PM
Thank you all for the nice welcome and the kind words on my map.

Gandwarf, I world-build for the sake of world-building. It did grow out of running role-playing game campaigns, but these days I don't play anymore and world building has become a stand-alone hobby. I do dabble in writing, but that's just another aspect of toying with my worlds.

Redrobes, the colors of the second map should be quite orange-y. That's what it looks like to me, but then again, what I perceive "orange" as is very likely not what normal people consider orange. That's why I mentioned color blindness. I do know it's fairly common, it does seem fairly strong in my case though. Anyway it is good to know that the problem is "known" here, that way when I ever post a pink ocean, people will not assume I am weird and just point the issue out to me. ;-)

Hoel, the straight thin lines in the second map are canals; sorry that I provided no explanation. It's a world patterned after Lowell's Mars - that is, a dried-up desert planet criss-crossed by the ruins of ancient civilizations all connected by canals built by the people desperately fighting to stave off the death of their world.

I have a few additional maps for this world - mostly showing what it looked like in the past - which I'll be happy to post in the completed maps forum one of these days. (Just gotta re-export them and write up an explanatory text.)

02-04-2009, 05:34 PM
Love that canali on Mars thing, saw it on a History Channel show once.

02-04-2009, 06:07 PM
A very, very nice set of maps, and Welcome to the Guild!

02-04-2009, 08:15 PM
Some good lookin' maps there Bart! Hope you have fun in the Guild!

02-04-2009, 11:42 PM
Thank you.

02-05-2009, 12:41 AM
I've posted the set of planetary maps before and after the destruction of Arnāron in this thread: http://www.cartographersguild.com/showpost.php?p=47967&postcount=1