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02-07-2009, 11:48 AM
Here is my first DD3 map. After the busy CC3 of Starstone I've tried to keep this less cluttered. It is an old Dwarven tomb (part of - more to follow) which has been taken over by undead. They will be found on lower levels. The Scenario is from Dragonsfoot.

The main floor is black marble, which I have overlaid with another floor to depict dust and grime. I used a similar effect at the entranceway to show dirt on an old stone floor.

For the grid (1" = 5' hopefully) I hid the main Background layer, and set the grid to white. Added some effects to mute it a little.

The red "stripe" outside the building is a work around for printing. I did a print preview, and it showed that 6 of 16 pages would be blank except for the northern (top) wall section of the two stairway rooms. I can select which pages to print on my printer at home so am happy to not print empty pages. I simply drew a 10' section of wall which I can trim out. As I usually cut round printed floor plans, and strick them onto card this should work for me. (My middle name is Bodge).

I was pleased with what I achieved here, more in finding ways around a few problems and in using a "dust" layer to mute the rather bright marble floor, which would have been spectacular when it was first laid.

As before, thought's and tips appreciated. I know you're on my side really!

Oh and a BIG word for Joseph Sweeny. His tuorials not only helped me here, but were the final nail in the coffin of my credit card.


02-11-2009, 08:12 AM
I do not have any special advice on the map, as I am myself going through the video tutorials. On the gaming side, though, you have two pillars very close to the altar. If you have planned some important event or encounter close to the altar this could be inconvenient.

Steel General
02-11-2009, 08:17 AM
I am having trouble pulling up the image (IIRC there is the intermittent problem with .png files exported from CC3), but from what I can see in the thumbnail it looks like you have some really obvious tiling - enough that it is distracting (at least to me).

Other than that it appears to be a neat shape and what should be a nice map.

02-11-2009, 11:07 AM
Looks good (in the thumbnail, and same concerns as SG), and like SG I too cannot se the attachment :(

02-12-2009, 05:17 PM
Apologies for that. I don't understand why the PNG is giving a problem. I just checked iyt and it opened fine for me.

I have just resaved as a BMP and that is (hopefully) attached here.

I hope you will be able to zoom enough to see the effect I weas trying for, which was a very nice Black Marble floor (originally) which has become covered with dust.

I noted your comments, and thought they applied to the small image, but may not when it is a full size floorplan. However I just tried to Hide the sheet I created (Floors Dust) and it had no effect (I hid both Floors Dust Layer and Sheet), and made sure the current sheet was something else. It appears that the dust effect went directly onto the floors sheet / layer despite me specifically selecting them just before I laid it down.

I was hoping to remove the "tiling" effect by erasing the dust floor and re doing it in patches that would butt up or overlap. I'll have to trry and figure out something else now. Perhaps redo the whole floor.

As for the pillars close to the altar, well the altar is my addition. The original only had a bowl and the statue. I see your point though and will probably move the pillars further apart. This would be logical as the floor widens at that end to allow for the stairs area.

More on the sheets / layers thing.....
Every time I think I think I've defeated the problem, it reoccurs. It's the same in CC3 overland maps. If I try to to layer some different shades of contours or show deeper parts of a lake the new colours disappear. YES I KNOW it's to do with sheets and layers, and do add new sheets and layers, and DO select them and make them current, and check, and position them below in the list so they will above in the drawing......and still they disappear or become attached to the wrong sheet. This is with using the "default" buttons on the left, but with a right click to selct the terrain I want.

Any Profantasy users out there who know what I mean and know a solution in words of one syllable?

Thanks for the feedback anyway.


02-12-2009, 05:44 PM
Looks good. one way to offset the 'tiling' aspect is to make the BMP scale larger (if it is scaled at 10, make it 20).

The other issue to move your GRID sheet up the list so it is placed Under the walls (the SHEET list is drawn top to bottom so whatever is on the TOP of the list is drawn first, then so on down the list till the Bottom which is drawn last).

As to your other question, the simple answer is:

"Before drawing anything Double check your SHEET"