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02-07-2009, 02:27 PM
Recently joined the community (saw your link on Penny Arcade and it came with raving reviews).

I'm working (and have been doing so for about 2 years) on an PnP RPG project. My map making experience is limited to hand drawn on the spot type work.

From what I've seen on this website, I'm years behind anything here. However, the nature of the beast has forced me to learn several skills in order to complete the project and it just so happens that map making is going to be the next one I must learn.

These forums seem to contain master craftsmen in their chosen field and so I humbly approach in order to gain some semblance of skill in the exciting art of Cartography.

I am seeking any and all forms of advice or instruction. I will begin by maybe making some maps and letting you guys pick them apart and tell me what I can do to improve.


I have the following software that I use for photo and image design/alteration.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Image Ready
Macromedia Fireworks
...and a very old copy of Campaign Cartogrpher

I was thinking of getting GIMP but I've been told that Photoshop is a better program.

02-07-2009, 02:34 PM
Well, that's the best way to learn, Voidgere! Post what you got - we won't be too harsh, but we can definitely give you some direction. You'll be surprised at how short a time it takes to get good and creative with your cartography. Just practice, listen, and try again as your best methodology.

We're an unofficial academy of cartography, here at the guild. Others will agree.

Welcome to the Guild! I look forward to seeing your maps!


02-07-2009, 02:39 PM
I will begin by maybe making some maps and letting you guys pick them apart and tell me what I can do to improve.

Very good start doing that :)

What sort of software are you using? If you have not yet decided there is the Software Discusion Forum thatwould be a great hand in choosing one or three ;)

Regardles of the prog you choose, there are tutorils in the Tutorial/How To Forum that can be applied to soooo many different progs with only minor tweeks. Another way to learn is to check out the Work In Progress Forums to pick up tips and finding techniques that you like the look of.

And the best way to learn is to do what you are planning on doing anyway: Post, Post, and did I say, Post your maps as they develop.

:edit: NINJA-ED !!!!! :(

Steel General
02-07-2009, 03:23 PM
Welcome Aboard!

Post 'em If Ya Got 'em...maps that is. :D

02-08-2009, 01:58 AM
If you want to improve your mapping and pick up some tips, you've come to the right place! Most of us are not professional mappers by a long chalk (although we have a few of those here too). Everyone here is friendly and eager to share ideas and knowledge.

All we ask is that you do the same!

Welcome to the Guild!

02-09-2009, 11:17 AM
Welcome to the Guild!