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11-21-2006, 07:51 AM
Here is the press release ...
If people like to keep apprised or know more, visit the Dundjinni site

Ownership Change for Dundjinni Mapping Software

Fluid Entertainment has sold its interest in Dundjinni mapping software to its partner in the product, Dundjinni Enterprises, Inc.

“It just makes sense for both sides – and more importantly, for the product,” Melinda (“Mindy”) Macauley, President of Dundjinni Enterprises explained, “We wish them the best in their development ventures and appreciate all they’ve done to build a great product and website in Dundjinni.”

“Mindy was a part of the Dundjinni team from inception,” said Scott Mathews, CEO of Fluid Entertainment. “It’s always a sad day to say goodbye to anything we’ve built, but we’re happy to hand it off to someone who holds a great deal of passion and vision for the continuation of the product. If I were to add anything further, it would be a heartfelt note of gratitude to the user base – you guys made Dundjinni what it is today.”

Macauley expects that the transition should run smoothly. “The website and product will remain up and running – and despite how busy they are with other work, Fluid has graciously agreed to be available to consult on any transition issues that may arise.”

However, there will be some changes with the change of ownership, according to Macauley. “We want to revisit some of the policies, like publishing rights and third party products, to see if we can make them more open.”

In the works for the coming year are a new version of Dundjinni and a new, improved website, according to Macauley. “We’ve listened to our users and are planning new versions of the software and website that are even more responsive to their mapping needs. We’ll be announcing more details as we get closer to release.”

12-24-2007, 03:52 AM
Wow, that could be great news if they really do make the copyright stuff more open. I always thought it sucked that you can't publish maps made with "their" symbols- I mean, you bought the software, right? It's the actual creative work of making the map that people are paying to see, not the symbols.