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02-15-2009, 10:05 AM
Greetings to all! I found this site while googling for a publication by one of your posters (the fine Skybourne by your arthnek).

My name is Bruce and I've played RPGs for... let's say a quarter century :P I wish this site had been around when CC2 came about (I actually upgraded from the silly TSR campaign mapper) as I likely would have spent less time throwing my manual across the room.

I was always fascinated by maps as a kid- my dad has no sense of direction so I ended up being the family "navigator" at the age of five or so :) I came to RPGs via wargames, and I think I liked the cartography in the games as much as the games themselves (Avalon Hill's "Caesar" in particular had a pretty interesting map, and the GDW game "Persian Gulf" has been a handy reference more than a few times since I bought it).

CC2/3 has been a fun way to integrate two interests... I never took the time to make a campaign world of my own, but a few years ago decided to try it as a learning exercise. It became an engrossing and relaxing hobby, and although I haven't yet run a game in that world, I've since started a second (for a Basic/Expert D&D game I'm now running).

The good news is that worldbuilding and mapping provides "hours of quiet play", as they say. The bad news is that the worldbuilder's task is never complete :) It's more "addictive" than playing computer games, but more intellectually rewarding (at least for me).

Anyway, thanks to all for making this a very interesting site.

02-15-2009, 10:12 AM
Welcome to the Guild.

I too started with the Initial Scaled down version in the TSR Campaign Mapper to CC2, and it's collection of add-ons to CC3 and it's add ons!

Steel General
02-15-2009, 11:33 AM
Welcome Aboard!

Happy mapping...