View Full Version : Wyresinthe

02-24-2009, 05:45 AM
This is my true project... It still has a few kinks being worked out, and I'm still doing a bit of work on it, but it's getting there.

Wyresinthe is MY world. It's a fantasy land, and those white mountains are my trademark mountains that I draw constantly. They're all over my walls. I love it.

I don't remember how I did the land, but it was a mixture of part of RobA's tutorial, which never really worked for me (oh well), and loads of smudging. I liked the effect, to tell the truth. Then, I used my signature brush (in varying sizes) for the mountains and rivers/creeks. The lakes were made with an outline and a fill. The ocean was from RobA's tutorial, and I just need towns and villages, etc, now.