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03-20-2009, 04:23 AM
Just signed up today and tried mapmaking for the first time. Have some Photoshop skills and hope I still get this done in time. Still lots of work to do, especially the rivers. And of course mountains, bridges, subwaystations...;)

WIP #1


Steel General
03-20-2009, 06:31 AM
Oooohhh! Fresh meat! :)

Welcome Aboard and have some rep for jumping right into the challenge *bonk*

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

03-20-2009, 07:57 PM
I restarted the whole thing. Higher resolution and much bigger. After hours of tweaking and fiddling, I ended up by coincidence with these artificial ice lakes. Just need to add those damn rivers now and will see with what little titles and inscriptions I can come up with.

WIP #2


03-20-2009, 11:17 PM
WIP #3


03-20-2009, 11:32 PM
Thumbnail Test...

03-21-2009, 01:32 AM
First, I want to say welcome and thanks for joining the challenge. This is very lovely map and it is GREAT for new members to jump right in with such nice work.

Now down to business, you might want to check the challenge thread and read the rules closely. While this is one of the nicer maps aesthetically, I would have trouble voting for it due to my interpretation of the rules and others may feel the same when they go to cast their votes.

03-21-2009, 10:13 AM
Thanks for your welcoming words!

You mentioned the rules to this contest. I can only think of that there aren't enough rivers, yet. I haven't actually counted or checked how many there are in each square. And the missing grid. If there is something else, please let me know.

I am actually quite surprised myself with the outcome. After defining the major shape, I just applied different blending options over cloud filters and applied gradient maps. Out of those I selected parcial areas and repeated the process with the (small) mountains using bevel and emboss filter. And more filters.

My work on PS till now was basically limited to scanning, digital image processing and text art.

I will eagerly work through the many tutorials from this forum to learn proven techniques and hope to someday force a little "oh" and "ah" in the crowd.

During this work the most fun was really testing a lot of different settings of filters and mixing of gradient maps, which I never realy used. For hours just watching and tweaking. The downside, recalling it to recreate it, no way...lol. But with a lot practice, the basics will stick. There's always the copy and paste layer styles. But random outcomes is sometimes more intresting than what you originally planned for.

Hope I get some more things done before the closing. Making this map was so much fun and forced some hidden creationism to the surface.


03-21-2009, 01:36 PM
I was made aware that adding lakes was not somehow in line with the rules. So I worked around that by changing the color scheme and give the whole thing a more arid and jungely look without doing too much as time is getting short. I added the rivers. So only need to work on text and some details.

03-21-2009, 01:47 PM
That's a really nice look you've got there, Benarius!

Steel General
03-21-2009, 01:58 PM
That is coming out quite nicely.

03-22-2009, 02:02 AM
Thanks heaps. I hope I get it finished in time. Thinking of names for lakes and mountains isn't as easy as I thought.

03-22-2009, 10:32 AM
There are tons of small little programs that can help with coming up with names...some are downloadable, some are website only. I use Name Mage to get an idea then make my own changes to what it generates.

03-22-2009, 02:17 PM
I think I am gonna stick with this one. Rich colors, lots of depht and dimensions. A gamier look that reminds me of some of the 80's game manuals on glossy paper. (gamier...is that a word?)

Steel General
03-22-2009, 03:07 PM
(gamier...is that a word?)

It is, not sure on the spelling, but it's usually associated with cooking wild animals :)

03-22-2009, 04:24 PM
Just another test with text and grid.

03-25-2009, 04:48 AM
It's not finished. It never is...lol. Could have done so much more to it. But time is always an issue. I will work on it from time to time. Looking forward to the next challenge. Since this is done entirely in Photoshop, I will try next time to implement some of my Illustrator skills. Anyway, making this was fun. I learned a lot about filters and patterns I never ever knew existed.

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