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02-25-2007, 11:46 PM
If you're interested in creating a flag for your campaign like the one I made for mine here: http://www.ormonds.net/rpg/westaven/index.php/General_Information/Organizations/Order_of_Aenean_Knights ,
then check out this great Photoshop tutorial: http://www.photoshopsupport.com/elements/tutorials/displace-filter/displacement-map.html

The tutorial specifies Photoshop Elements 5, but I made mine with Photoshop CS--and it was amazingly easy. It took much longer to make the image to put on the flag than it did to actually make the flag using that image. Great fun! :) Enjoy!

For my flag I stole one of my wife's silk slips & photo'd it, but you need not sink to this level :) Here is a Photoshop tutorial to create a silk pattern within the program itself: http://www.tutorialjungle.com/display.php?t=silk


02-26-2007, 02:24 AM
I always enjoy a good PS tutorial especially one that produces something with a high coolness factor. Thanks for the link!

FYI, you don't need to use the URL tags for links, or rather you shouldn't. Just type the URL and the site will convert it for you.

02-27-2007, 09:13 PM
I'm quite impressed with the Wiki you guys maintain (and the maps are nice too - keeping on topic). I have recommended it to a group called Old School Wargames on Yahoo so hopefully you'll get some visitors off of that. We're an eclectic group of old ... gamers... that invent and design fictional countries centered in the 1700s.

02-27-2007, 10:16 PM
Thank you for the compliment. Our wiki, as you can tell, is just a support for our hobby, and we make no money through its existence. I hope your Old School group gets something out of it--and what an interesting group that sounds like, too! The 1700s is hardly the "hot" era for gaming, etc., but it should be! Can you give any links I can look at about your endeavors?

Take care!


03-02-2007, 09:04 PM
My gaming website is at:


There are a number of links on the front page to other old school sites. Mine is a general site with a lot of wargaming related stuff on it but recently I have been focusing on Old School Gaming - large battalions (24-48 figures) as found in books by Charles Grant, Peter Young, Donal Featherstone.