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03-31-2009, 08:44 AM
Greetings from Cologne, Germany!

Nice and very useful forum, congratulation!

I think, i'm one of the older ones here playing rpg for 20 years now. Therefore most of my maps are handmade due to the lack of appropriate programs in my early days. ;)

I draw most of my maps by hand even today and try some new ones with campaign cartographer 3. I'll post some older maps in the next days just to get some resonance.


Steel General
03-31-2009, 01:58 PM
Welcome Aboard!

03-31-2009, 02:24 PM
I think you'll be pleased by the range of ages and talents here. Coming from a city as beautiful as Cologne, I hope your works have a special flavour.

Welcome aboard!


03-31-2009, 03:59 PM
Lots of over 40s here! And lots of under 40s too! Welcome to the guild!

03-31-2009, 04:29 PM
Welcome to The Guild. However you do them, post them up so that we can see them and go "oooh" and "ahh" :)

joćo paulo
03-31-2009, 08:14 PM
You finally come to its natural habitat :)
Welcome Hroc.