View Full Version : New, Unnamed World

04-16-2009, 12:06 PM
Spent some time laying out the map for an as-yet unnamed world, and I think it's finally getting to a stage where the continental outlines look usable. This is the "first" draft:


- Instead of drifting apart (as the Americas and Europe do on Earth) the two continents are approaching oneanother. The western plate is subducted under the eastern in the process, which uplifts the eastern and creates a whole lot of volcanism. A large island chain not unlike the Japanese islands is created in the process.

- The western Continent is being ripped apart my a new rift; this is similar to what is happening with Africa.

- At the same time, another plate (to the very west on this map) is colliding with the western half of the western continent, in a similar fashion that India is colliding with Asia. This is creating a large crunch zone (whatever they are officially called) similar to the himalayas.

Sphere views: