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Mayk K
04-17-2009, 09:14 AM
Hello everybody!

I've found this forum about 3 hours ago and went through some posts. I love it and had to sign up.
A view words to introduce myself:
My name is Michael, I'm since 2006 in Canada (Victoria, BC). Actully I'm from Germany, the deep south, Bavaria, close to Austria. If you know the King's Castle "Neuschwanstein", then you know where I exactly come from.

I was always interested in History and Maps. Mostly I like the Middle Ages. Since the Lord of the rings I'm totally fascinated by the idea to make own maps and create almost own worlds. Yes, I know, I'm a bit slow :-). Kinda bad thins is only that I'm really in need of my computer to do this, because painting and drawing with my own hands is not really what I can do.

Well, I'm still looking for software, that fullfills my needs to make "real" looking maps of almost everything, from little villages, up to big cities and whole countries. Yeah, I know I'm crazy, but it looks like I'm not the only one here. :-)

Oh, I don't wanna forget to thank these people who started this forum and keep it running. I wish I would have found it already years ago. But anyways, great work you do ... keep it up!


Mayk K
04-17-2009, 09:17 AM
Oh, sorry guys ... I'm also looking for software to create houses and/or floorplans.


04-17-2009, 09:33 AM
Welcome Mayk!

I would look into the Profantasy software suite. With Campaign Cartographer 3 you can create overland maps, with City Designer 3 you can create towns and villages and with Dungeon Designer 3 you can create floorplans, dungeons, houses, etc.

Of course there's other software out there, so look around the forum as well.

Steel General
04-17-2009, 10:41 AM
Welcome Aboard!

04-17-2009, 10:46 AM
Welcome fellow Victorian!

Mayk K
04-17-2009, 11:23 AM
Thank you guys ! :-)

And thanks Gandwarf. I will have a closer look into that software.

04-17-2009, 11:58 AM
Welcome to the Guild! I am just across the straight on the Sunshine Coast, and i believe Neon Knight is in West Van... out west coast influence is growing!

04-17-2009, 12:44 PM
For houses and floorplans consider Sketchup. The free version from Google is actually very powerful.

If you know the King's Castle "Neuschwanstein", then you know where I exactly come from.

Must have been nice to live in a castle :).


04-17-2009, 12:54 PM
Welcome to the Guild Fellow Canadian AND Fellow British Columbian (I live just across the Georgia Strait from you in Greater Vancouver).

I will echo Gandwarf. But, initially all you will need is CC3, it can do a LOT of what you need already, but if you can afford it, I would suggest bundling the three packages together (CC3, CD3, DD3) and maybe think of the symbol sets and Annuals, as they are great additions.

Otherwise, again, welcome to the addiction!

04-17-2009, 12:55 PM
Welcome to the Guild! I am just across the straight on the Sunshine Coast, and i believe Neon Knight is in West Van... out west coast influence is growing!

Close, I live in Burnaby ;)

Mayk K
04-17-2009, 01:26 PM
So then I will say HELLO and THANK YOU to you guys and almost neighbours. :-)

I will look into the Profantasy software. Sounds really good so far. Will let you know how it works for me, soon. :-)

04-17-2009, 02:53 PM
If, by chance you're a student/teacher/professor, you should also qualify for huge discounts on some software from Adobe if that's a route you want to take. I think of the Adobe Design Collection (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Acrobat) as the best tool set I have purchased for my computer. I was able to justify it though, as my photography business "paid" for it. If you check out the UVIC computer store, I believe they have pricing online for student versions.

Alas, ProFantasy doesn't give you such discounts.

04-17-2009, 03:05 PM
Alas, ProFantasy doesn't give you such discounts.

Let's not start comparing prices between ProFantasy and Adobe ;)

In a battle for price The Gimp wins anyway. It can do most of the things Photoshop does and it's free :D

04-17-2009, 05:23 PM
Ha...sorry, not meaning to start any battle. Just provide options. Myself, I happen to use adobe, FTPro, and several other programs for my various graphical enterprises. Different tools for different tasks. The key is to not try to do surgery with a spoon.

Mayk K
04-17-2009, 07:26 PM
@ guyanonymous

Thanks for that advice. It's really appreciated, but no, I'm not a student or any of that. In fact I'm gonna be an old fart, soon. :-)
I still have the Photoshop CS3, I use for all kinds of stuff. But since my graphic card blew and I have to deal with a oldtimer card (32MB - the good one had 512MB) there is not a lot I can really use for the next while. :-(

I just tried the DEMO of Fractal Mapper ... looks like a nice one, but the DEMOversion doesn't give you so many possibilities and tools.
I also looked on the Profantasy page ... definitely something I have to try out, too.

Thanks guys ... hope I can soon show you a map of my own ...


04-17-2009, 07:46 PM
Hi MayK,

First off welcome and 2nd, theres a map link in my sig for member locations so add yourself there and see how close you are to these guys.

In our panels on the left is the software we use and theres a few posts about what software as forum lists. Its pretty diverse but the majority here use Gimp, followed by Photoshop and then CC3 and then by the time you get to me your into the more obscure areas...

My advice has always been to look over the maps - esp the finished section and see the threads to some of the maps you like and look at what software they use.

Also, dont forget to check out the CWBP which is the fantasy guild world. Thats got some areas mapped in some detail. Again I have a index on my sig for that too. If your after posts about a particular bit of software then use the forum tags or theres a keywork index also in my sig. That sig is pretty useful yeah ?

Mayk K
04-18-2009, 02:53 AM
Hi Redrobes,

Thank you. I added myself in the map and had a look at the other links you told me about.
Good to know, very helpful.
Thank you!