View Full Version : punchy colour trick in photoshop

05-21-2009, 04:15 PM
This is a Scott Kelby trick (well he learned it from someone else) I learned reading one of his books to improve photographs to get the colours of your image more punchy.

Image>mode>lab colour
Image> apply image

Then choose either lab colour, a or b in the drop down menu and make sure you either go for soft light or multiply...

may give your map an interesting colour twist.

05-21-2009, 05:14 PM
After I tried this I can see this being useful in antique maps. It adds something of an orange and blue color tone in soft light mode and a red to gray in multiply mode. Playing around with the other modes, I like overlay and pin light.

05-26-2009, 07:23 AM
I was intrigued to see this effect and so I tried it on my map with some interesting results.
The one I thought was most interesting was when I selected channel A and Linear Light blend mode. It left my landmass pretty much alone but gave my oceans a nice blue colour, like a light ink wash.

I think it looks quite cool.


Incidentally, I'm not sure why (I'm sure someone could tell me) but when I view an image in PS the colour range is significantly different to when viewed in Windows picture viewer or in Firefox. For instance, the image I have posted seems to lose some green in the transition, the new blue colour for instance seems to lack a greenish tinge that shows in the original in PS which is a shame. I imagine it is something to do with the "Color Settings" in PS but I have no idea what they should be set to. :S

05-26-2009, 08:36 AM
Heh, Ramah, you could wrap your map in a canvas bag and it would still look superb!