View Full Version : Blacksmith\Historian on YouTube

06-09-2009, 12:56 PM
Darrel is a blacksmith from my neck of the woods. He's very very interested in Viking and historic smithing.

He's just put out a couple of Youtube videos that I think are worth looking at:


Its really one of the more cool benefits of the Web that you can watch people doing interesting but truly hot & difficult things if they chose to share. I understand, he is\was one of the principle consultants\recreationists at L'ans Aux Meadows.


He's not deeply funded but his sources of information are really good and he has a lot of experience working metals.

And if I have to tell you, this stuff is really dangerous to do. Don't try this at home.


Also check out this video detailing the making of navy chain and an anchor by hand. I'll take bets that nobody who watches this today has ever worked that hard...