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06-09-2009, 10:50 PM
Commission: Money is extra tight right now, but for an extra good map I may be able to squeeze out $5 or $10 via paypal if your account accepts a credit card transfer. Sorry for topic title, I know free requests shouldn't ever be demanding.

Time Constraints: Whenever you can. Saturday if you can, but obviously this stuff takes time so I understand if you can't. Trying to make a D&D session, however I suck at map making so, yeah. But take all the time you are willing to give.

Style: I plan on printing this on parchment paper so it looks like a real map to hand to the PCs! So no color is nice, and if it were hand drawn that would be super cool. Some cool writing script, like this map was scribed by an amateur cartographer rather than a professional noble one.

Description of Map: The city itself is MASSIVE! Very, very big. Biggest in the realm by far. Think New York + Tokyo + London + whatever in scale comparison to other cities in our world. It's the centerpiece of trade and politics. With that said, the main region of the city is circular, and built into a mountain. Think of the city in the third lord of the rings movie, beside pellanor fields (Can't remember name now :()This is where the nobles, the military, and the biggest region of higher-end trade presides. If this section of the city were a pie chart, each of the three sections would be one third with a fourth section in the middle. This fourth section is another circle, though smaller. This is the "Citadel" where all the politicking and such goes. It's essentially a giant ivory tower, looming over the rest of the city.

This whole section described above should be labeled "The Presidium". It is heavily fortified, and serves as the hub of all important business.

Outside the presidium there should be three middle-lower class boroughs, as well as one on the left side slightly connected with the Presidium which will serve as an upper class one. The names of these boroughs in order of upper, and the three middle-lower class boroughs "King’s Hollow" "Ashburgh" "Oakcrest" and "Fletcher’s End".

All of these boroughs are within the city walls, but the spacing between and towers protecting each one probably lessens with each level of wealth. To be honest, I know VERY LITTLE about city building and maps, so if you feel the need to change things around because you think it’ll look better PLEASE DO SO! I just ask that the Presidium remains in some form, and the same names are used. I want an awesome map :D

And with every city, there are going to be the slums. There are two main borough’s for this social class, the first on the west side being “Harlon Park”, the city’s only true park aside from small nature areas in the Presidium however no travelers come to see this area of the city. It lies just near the city gates, south of Fletcher’s end and next to poorer market areas. Across a small river lies “Falcon Quarry”, where many serfs seek employment to harness rock for the city’s wall, but also serves as another ghetto.
Quality & Size: Decent quality would be nice, but not if it sacrifices the expediency of this request. The size should be able to fit horizontally on a standard 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of paper. I don't know the resolution for that.

Copyright - Credit to you, in whatever way you decide.

I'll only use this with my D&D friends, so your stuff won't be flaunted around unfortunately but I will probably put it on ObsidianPortal.com with credit to you completely. I'd really love this done, and I know it's asking a lot.

Visual Example: http://wow.incgamers.com/w/images/thumb/9/99/Ironforge.jpg/800px-Ironforge.jpg I guess that works but wihtout color and all black, and maybe a little less contemporary. Whatever you feel is best.

Thanks for your time and I'm off.

06-10-2009, 04:36 AM
You got to be kidding... :D

Steel General
06-10-2009, 06:39 AM
Minas Tirith is the name you were looking for.

You might consider looking through the finished maps forum, find something that 'suits your fancy' and ask the creator to re-label it.

06-10-2009, 02:10 PM
You got to be kidding... :DHah - I second that. City maps are hard !

Your better off looking through the list of finished maps and finding something that you can use or even in this case find a number of city maps and cutting out sections and piecing them together. I dont know exactly what style you need but I made a huge tilable city texture which was in black and white so you can go mad and expand that...


There was a good thread back a bit with some real historic maps of stuff like Rome which was in B&W too which were pretty darned big too.


See the Launch Map Engine in top right. If you like this map I could give you the whole map. PM me if thats what you need.

Otherwise id suggest you look through some historic maps here


Gandwarfs links were great. The best your gonna find for old maps.

Best o luck !