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06-04-2007, 08:11 PM
I thought I would post this map here I did for a friend, who runs a campaign called Qabbal. I did some extensive research on how maps of the known world appeared in ancient times, hence the map here.

Map made completely with Photoshop CS2, using elements from an old FT map.

C&C welcome. :)


06-04-2007, 08:11 PM
Just to give an idea of what I had to start with, here you go:

I believe this was made in FT, not sure, will have to ask Stuart. :)


06-05-2007, 04:51 PM
Sandeman: Wow. Nice work--this must have taken a lot of effort & time! Excellent. We need to see more work like this: artistic and original.

I especially like the continents on the split globe; the paint daub-like effect is one of my favorites. I think it's so rich, suggestive, and authentic. Your color scheme is also great, too.

The frame of the entire map is wonderful, too, and I like the color variations (lighting effects?) applied to it. Did you create it from scratch, or is it a pattern you imported? Ditto on the scroll--did you create that? And ditto the ditto on the center serpent pattern. If all of this was by hand, you are an great artist!

Perhaps my favorite part of this image is the design; it is very organic, filling the frame yet not overcrowding. The symmetry of the map is also pleasing; every element holds together and allows my eye free reign.

If asked to suggest some improvements, I would say start with the patterns in the four corners: they are nice, but too "sharp", too much like imported computer graphics pasted on top of the rest. (The white, however, blends in too much.)

This is perhaps a matter of taste, but while I like the idea of the opposing faces I do not like the "masks" themselves; they are too Renaissance (perhaps even modern Renaissance) for my tastes. Plus they are very blurry. Not sure if this is indicative of the setting, though, for perhaps this is an Age of Exploration graphic? The rest of the map suggests a (very) late or a post-medieval origin.

A lot to admire here, and a lot to learn! Inspiring, too. I look forward to hearing about your thought process--and hopefully your creation process. Thanks for sharing.