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06-20-2009, 04:07 PM

Rite Publishing has three special product for Free Rpg Day.

Fantastic Maps: The Ice Temple (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=62989&affiliate_id=203141&src=enworldfreerpgday) from the same cartographer (Jonathan Roberts) that brought you the Kobold Quarterly "Bandit Cave" map of fantasy. (CG's very own Torstan!)

Items Evolved: Rituals (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=62989&affiliate_id=203141&src=enworldfreerpgday)
Something even players can take advantage of

Mythical Monstrosities (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=62988&affiliate_id=203141&src=enworldfreerpgday) Because you can never have enough monsters and it includes the Taurian Playable Race and Racial Class so that even a player can get something out of it.

Hope you enjoy them, and hope you will let us know what you think of them.

Taryn Winterblade
06-20-2009, 11:55 PM

The second link for the Items Evolved: Rituals was pointing to the Ice Temple page. Above is the fixed link. :)

Great stuff, though. Thanks for sharing it... now to go pour through the rules... 8)

06-21-2009, 01:51 AM
Let me know how you enjoy it :)