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06-25-2009, 03:42 PM
Okay, so I posted a map a little while back (found here: http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?t=5803), and I decided after I finished final exams and such to go back and rework it using the same basic coastline, fixing various details already pointed out.

Now, before I go ahead and call it done, I want your guys input on how it looks/ any improvements needed or niggles spotted.

(note: I am aware that there the river going straight through Avranor splits right below "Ilsadrian", and that this is frowned upon by the river fuzz... this is intentional, so please overlook it, thx)

Linked for being to big to attach:


06-26-2009, 11:22 AM
I like the frame illustrations and the font choice.

I'm not so sure about the darkish green continents on the smokey document sea. Ciron had much better contrast between ocean and land. I think the gray ocean gets swallowed up by the heavy gray borders in the frame.

It feels to me like you have two ideas working at odds. The smokey document might reveal something about your setting - in which case you might want to loose the frame. Or the frame might direct the eye to a clear view of part of your world - in which case you should brighten or add contrast between the ocean and the continent.

Both ideas seem reasonable on their own but not together.

I also think you'll have no problem adding the image as an attachment to the thread. Its only 736k and you can upload images up to 4.7 meg.