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07-19-2009, 11:49 PM
I ran, for about 6 years, an online Star Trek game called Anomaly (whence I get my name). I've been working on a free RPG Sourcebook for the Star Trek ICON system by Last Unicorn Games (long defunct, but still avidly played among Trek RPers). This is one of the maps from the sourcebook, The Fimdari system, which in Andorian means 'The Mystery of Our Legacy'. It was done in CC2 in the LCARS style.

System Type: Single B8 IV Blue-White subgiant type star.
Inhabited Planets: Only the sixth planet in the system supports life.
Other Planets: There are two gas giants in the system: Tholishaa (Class-J) and Terolis (Class-T). Tathu is Class-Y. Irlanusha and Shrisa are Class-F. Vorzin is a Class-K world, and Graasth is Class-G.
Other Stellar Objects: None
Artificial Objects: The AAS maintains an unmanned stellar observatory in orbit of the third moon of Terolis. A four-man subspace relay station is in orbit of Graasth.
Notes: Fimdari lies at the extreme range of the habitable zone of Fimdaath, and were it not for a slightly elliptical orbit, it would be Class-K.

07-20-2009, 04:27 PM
I can't say that I like the StarTrek style. I think it's probably next to useless for actually navigating a starship becasue it's more about looks than functionalty. However, you have certainly captured that style well and for its stated purpose (an inventory of planets and locations of interest for an RPG) it is quite useable.

07-20-2009, 07:20 PM
Yeah, LCARS makes a pretty interface, but is pretty much useless in terms of mapping. Most maps I've seen made in the style aren't very useful (even ground maps suffer terribly from the style). There's only one map I've liked in that style, and it was done by Michael Okuda for the show, and displayed an arm of the galaxy broken down by sector. It was quite nice. I would assume that a navigational map would look quite different (and be far more complex) - this type is more probably a Planetary Sciences summary display screen.