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07-22-2009, 11:02 AM
Hi everyone,

My name is Tom and I run an LFR game in NJ. Currently I use a 1 inch grid under a piece of plexiglass and use erasable markers to draw my maps on. I recently started a long dungeon crawl and in order to save time I am trying to learn how to use my computer to have the maps in a printable format. I found this website through penny-arcade.com some time ago and just signed up. I was searching through the tutorial section to find a good start. I plan on using GIMP and not have anything overly complicated or overland maps, using the program to make dungeon tiles essentially. Any advice?



Steel General
07-22-2009, 01:25 PM
Welcome Aboard!

07-22-2009, 04:06 PM
Check out the quickstart tutorial in my sig, Tom that should give you a good start. And check out the tutorial section for other Gimp tutorials. We have a few people here who favour that scale of mapping and I'm sure they'll help you if you post a WIP with what you have in mind.

07-23-2009, 05:16 AM
Welcome to the Guild!

07-23-2009, 07:30 AM
Hi Tom, welcome.

I'm not sure that Gimp is the ideal tool for making tiled dungeon maps, especially if you're not used to it. I think you'd find it easier to use a tilemapper such as Viewingdale, Dundjinni, Maptools or Dungeonforge. The last two are free.
OTOH, if you're a Gimp expert, just ignore me, I'm sure it can be done. :)

07-23-2009, 09:33 AM
Thank you for the warm welcome and advice! I am sure that will give me a great start! As soon as I complete my first map I will post it in the correct thread for critique. :)

07-23-2009, 11:23 PM
Welcome from a fellow Tom!