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07-31-2009, 05:40 AM
:::::: COMMISSIONED ::::::

$100+ USD

::::::: TIME :::::::

2 - 5 weeks Probably several revisions :)

Hi guys, I am looking for a talented artist to create a map for my PBBG(www.genleo.net) I don't think finding someone of such will be hard, I've been looking through the fourm and have seen some pretty amazing work!

I've bunch all the locations into a rough sketch of boxes so far, the center part are the actualy parts, the things on either size show whats at each area :)

As for the style It'll be a fantasy type map :) Here are a few examples of which I like :)

I really like this style http://www.jezelf.co.uk/tutorials/Maps/Map05/Map05_00.jpg

And the Estimated size of the map that it will be viewed at on site will be:

maybe a bit shorter :) Lables Will also be on the map :)

Please send examples of previous work! Please only take this on if you do it at the same quality :) thankies!

I'm hoping the names of the areas help with figuring what type of terrain it is.

Please contact me for details by pm or sephirith121@hotmail.com or both =D

And I'm really excited to meet all of you :):!:

07-31-2009, 05:56 AM
Looks like a great commission. Hope you get lots of takers! Please post here if / when the commission is taken !

Best of luck with your project.

07-31-2009, 05:00 PM
Since you have more than 4 posts to your name you can send private messages to the various artists to see if they are up for it. You have good taste, Ramah and Auth made some awesome maps there...that Ascension guy, though, I dunno. Hope you get lots of takers.

Steel General
08-01-2009, 08:29 AM
Yeah, you gotta watch that Ascension guy. :D

08-02-2009, 04:02 AM
Well here's the mockup of it. I figure it's ok to post this here (let me know if it isn't sephirith).

Note: This map does fall under copyright and doesn't follow the standard terms in my signature as it depicts someone else's intellectual property and may be turned into a final paid for version (so it's not ok to take or use this map without sephirith's consent).

08-02-2009, 05:50 AM
So, does this mean the commission is taken?
Let me know, I will add a label to the topic of this thread.

08-02-2009, 06:10 AM
Commission is taken :)

08-02-2009, 06:24 AM
Thanks for the head's up. I have edited in "taken" in the thread topic.

08-02-2009, 09:01 AM
That looks great Nomadic.

Steel General
08-02-2009, 09:06 AM
Coming along quite nicely.

08-02-2009, 12:12 PM
I'll be away till next week (as sephrith already has been made aware) but the map will be back in action when I get back.

See you all then (also tomorrow is my 21st bday :) )

08-02-2009, 01:01 PM
Happy birthday tomorrow :)

08-10-2009, 03:41 PM
Well here's the updated mockup with the extension to the north as requested.

08-12-2009, 06:41 PM
That's beautiful, Nomadic! Great work.

08-14-2009, 01:39 AM
First of all thanks to whoever it was that posted those free to use symbols (can't seem to find the thread at the moment). The timing was perfect in terms of this map.

Anyhow here is the first draft of the colored version.

08-14-2009, 04:31 AM
I think I posted a recent thread about those symbols. Good to see them being used already!

Steel General
08-14-2009, 07:02 AM
Very nice Nomadic, the B&W was wonderful but this colored version really brings life to the map!