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08-13-2009, 03:18 AM
No sooner do I tell myself I'm never touching this map again and never going to do another city map than I got inspired by the challenge idea presented in that section.

No, I'm not planning on entering this for that, I would come up with something completely new :P But I was already thinking of doing something like this based on the way I built it up over generations. Initially I was going to do a map for each stage leading up to this, but I tried the city wall tutorial by kittrellb (and by extension, Ascension since he inspired that one) on this map, and that kind of decided it for me.

Oh yes, there is a lot of work to be done, not the least of which is the shadows on the towers (still trying to find a quick easy way for that, but I may just have to do the shadows as a last step once I'm happy with the placements of everything). I like the new cobblestone roads and market squares though. I figure at this point, the city has been not so much torn down, but the lord of the land has taken the opportunity while building the new walls to move a few things around. I took out all the houses completely, minus the full out stone-built, and will redesign them. The bulk of the roads however, will stay.

The working notes should show the direction I'm going with most of it :)

08-13-2009, 03:20 AM
You got to be kidding me :D
Nice idea though, can't wait to see the next WIP.

08-13-2009, 03:53 AM
Hahaha looking forward to this

08-13-2009, 10:34 PM
Ok, I finally tracked down one of the pictures that inspired me for the bridge mill. I've adjusted mine to include the proper abutments.

The other inspiration was from Timeline by Michael Crichton - I've always remembered the fortified mill bridge from the book, and i finally found my copy for reference :)

Anyhow, I've been working this over on and off for the last day or two while waiting for my full out burst of creativity to work on AslanC's map, and I'm almost ready to start placing buildings. I just want to work on the thatched roofs a bit more to get them looking more like thatch, and the chimneys are still giving me nightmares - I think I will always hate the way they look at this scale. I've done them according to the tutorial, I've done my own modifications, I've looked over the ones other people have done, and I decided I still hate them, though they are a necessary evil :)

I'll definitely be adding them to the buildings before I place everything this time, save the work of going through and adding them individually by hand later on.

And it's confirmed, I'll need to manually add shadows when I'm done everything. I've done a few changes to the large structures already, and it's possible I'll adjust more things, so leave that step to last to minimize the adjustments.

08-14-2009, 01:43 AM
That is incredible... enough so to deserve a bonk from the rep hammer. *bonk*

08-14-2009, 04:28 AM
Incredible indeed. Nice work so far!

Anyway, the northern gatehouse is sticking out from the walls and I think that's a bad design choice for a fortification. If attackers come with a ram you can only shoot at them from the gatehouse, not from the surrounding walls as the gatehouse blocks the line of fire. It would be better if the gatehouse wasn't sticking out so much. It will create a killing ground.

The southern gate (near the castle) does have a good design. Only the towers are sticking out, giving defenders the ability to fire down on a ram, even when it's pounding the gate. And when the ram is approaching it can be fired upon from all the surrounding walls.

08-14-2009, 05:20 AM
Good point, and I'm a bit annoyed because typically those are the first thought I have on such matters :)

I think I've been so distracted by the city design, I lost track of the military aspects this time around.. I've already made a few adjustments, I'll certainly be looking to redesign the defenses :)

08-14-2009, 08:18 AM
I think this should take care of any invaders from the north, especially when we mount the logs on the battlements :)

Farms are done! (and bloody heck, forgot the chimneys, i think I automatically edit them out in my mind..)

08-14-2009, 08:32 AM
Much better :)

08-14-2009, 11:43 AM
Things are looking very nice. Love the Mickey Mouse towers.

Forgive me that I haven't familiarized myself with the tutorial you're using but are you using any patterns or coloring most things by hand?

08-14-2009, 12:16 PM
Pretty much everything is texturework.
The river foam is a lot of handwork plust filtered and brushed all to heck. The roads, walls, and fences are brushed, as are the forests. And everything has texture and/or colour overlays and other layer effects.

If there was a way to avoid the gatehouses having the mickymouse effect I'd do it, but sadly, it's historically accurate :)

08-15-2009, 11:44 AM
Progress! I just need to add the military buildings to the west side and that's done, then it's off to the east.

08-15-2009, 02:42 PM
Nice! Would have liked to have seen a couple of more stone buildings though. And I could imagine the town attracted more people, with the stone city walls and all that, meaning houses would get a bit more cramped and share some walls.

08-15-2009, 03:20 PM
I was thinking that myself :) Space is starting to get to a premium, I was trying to figure out how to represent buildings with multiple floors, but maybe if i do another one :P

I might add more stone buildings.. it's possible the sausage factory is prosperous enough to demand one :)

08-15-2009, 03:28 PM
You do realise that everytime you post your latest work my desire to finish mine goes away? :p

Loving it so far but I think Gandwarf's point of it not being quite cramped enough is my only tick on teh bad list so far. I love the farms though.

08-18-2009, 10:25 AM
I don't think I can get it much more cramped without kicking out the rich folk, who have already kicked out a few blocks worth of peasants.. and they started building outside the walls :)

08-18-2009, 11:45 AM
Looking good! It is looking much more cramped inside the walls.
As the ruler of the city I would burn down the peasant hovels outside the southern walls though. I think those hovels would normally appear on the other side of the road. So not against the walls.

(Buildings were built against city walls on the inside, but rarely against the walls on the outside, as that would give cover to attackers or even a nice platform to set their ladders on - they could also be set on fire and weaken the stone).

08-18-2009, 02:24 PM
Yeah, good point there. I think I was going along the lines that they would make a good barrier to slow down invaders, but you are right - push them back to max longbow range and set them on fire.. that way they can't use the smoke for cover close up, and as they come out of the cover they get picked off :P

Only prob with that is that bow range puts them off the edge of the map. Blah!

I'll see what can be done.. Maybe encampments further out, instead of lining. The beginnings of a new village perhaps.

08-21-2009, 05:11 AM
Ok.. i added things like rocks at the base of the river towers. moved the huts away from the outerwalls, foam on the water, better tower shadows.. updated the docks and added storage buildings along the wharves. I redid the docks since they're wood - in 50 years I imagine there's been need to repair and replace planking :)

I did leave a few hovels near UpperCowgate that the Lord hasn't been notified of yet.. I expect they'll be evicted shortly :)

08-21-2009, 05:16 AM
Some nice touches Coyotemax. Like the rocks near the towers. It has turned into a beautiful map.

08-21-2009, 05:34 AM
I relaized i'd forgotten to take the initial dropshadow from the towers, so that's fixed too now, and re-uploaded. but really you wouldn't notice unless you knew what to look for anyway.

Thank you for the comments though!

I'm ready to start labelling.. I figure I get this done now and then I can finish Oten'jo on the weekend.. whee!

Steel General
08-21-2009, 06:13 AM
Most excellent!

08-21-2009, 02:23 PM
Spectacular map. Looks very 'alive' to me. Maybe thats a result of watching it grow and fill in through this thread, but either way - very easy to imagine from a street level perspective. All your water effects look great, as well!

08-21-2009, 03:20 PM
very easy to imagine from a street level perspective.

Now you got me thinking.. maybe I'll build it up in 3D Max :)

Thanks for the nice comments though, I've been putting a lot of effort into this one, glad it's paying off :) (and and Jack, if you notice, I've put your water effects into play here, excellent tip there)

We're heading out to pick up our new car right now (sebring convertible) and show it off to the family, so i should finish the labelling tonight. I'll toss it into the finished maps at that time. Here's the last chance for C&C's :)

08-22-2009, 01:43 AM
Very cool! You've made it your own, though. Nice and understated, it works really well with the overall style of your map. My maps are pretty cartoony, cool to see that when that effect is used sparingly it can be versatile. :D

I would love to see Cruzamento modeled up in 3d! Would be quite an undertaking.

08-22-2009, 05:35 AM
Beautiful work. I love the details.

My only critique would be the somewhat inconsistent lighting. With the towers' shadows that long it's a bit confusing that the houses don't cast shadows at all, especially the bigger ones.

Other than that, top-notch.

08-22-2009, 06:02 AM
Hrm. Y'know, you're right.
Let me see what I can do about that.