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08-31-2009, 08:11 PM
A new version of ViewingDale has been uploaded for those capable of getting the patches. Its now at version 1.08 and its also exactly 4 years old today so I am a bit behind with my intended 4 a year updates... ho hum.

So whats new ? Well it has a built in web browser now so if you happen to have an always on connection then you can set it to serve up the displayed map so that you only need a browser to see the map. You can zoom and pan with the browser but it needs the requested position in the URL so its not exactly real time but with a web page UI that ill get around to writing it should make that a bit easier. This is also useful if you have one member of the party who is not capable of running the app but wants to play. It was written so we could possibly serve up Ansium online but for that to happen we need a dedicated always on box.

It has a new type of hex since I last posted about updates, it has some new drop multiple children option thing. It has a contact sheet of icons in a directory which is pretty useful when you have a lot of them.

Another new feature is that you can now not only set the target map of a jump point but you can specify the pan and zoom where it jumps to. So you can now set up the target of a flight of stairs to point to the stairs on the corresponding next level etc.

You can import PNGs with transparency directly and it sorts out the RGB and the Alpha bits for you now. You can also save directly in PNG or JPG too.

There's a trial version now up to date where you can try some of these items if your not a regular and want to have a go tho the networking and screen save are disabled for the trial.

The dice app has had an errant math / parsing bug fixed but is otherwise the same, as are the instant islands and the dragon flight apps. These are full and free apps you can grab from the site - no restriction there at all.

Any problems, let me know asap via PM, mail or via its website forum.

If you want to know about any features of it or want the full low down on how to use the new stuff then let me know and ill start a general ViewingDale video tutorial thread. I know that's been requested a few times but I am too busy / lazy to do it so poke me a bit and ill make it happen.

Steel General
09-01-2009, 10:06 AM
Cool stuff here RR!